Bug Report [23.0.1 nvEnc] High CPU usage by Windows User Mode Driver Framework when OBS is open


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I recently upgraded to a 2070 from a 1070 to take advantage of the new nvEnc. Prior to upgrading to the 2070 I was seeing much better CPU utilization with nvEnc and OBS.. Usually a total usage of Windows User Mode Driver Framework & OBS together using of around 6-11% CPU utilization Once I upgraded to the 2070 I noticed the Windows User-Mode Driver Framework utilizing 10-17% of the CPU. Add in the 6% of OBS Utilization makes it a total of 23% of the CPU. It's a Core i7-7700k z270 chipset motherboard 32 gb of ram. There is also a 1050 in the system to drive the additional monitors (5 monitor setup). I tried a clean reinstall of the nVidia drivers and saw no change in this behavior.

I'm actually assuming that the issue is with nVidia drivers themselves (as it's Windows talking to the nVidia driver) but wanted to share my experience with others so people know they're not alone if they're seeing this issue. Windows User Mode Driver Framework only spikes when OBS is open and stays in the 10-17% range. If you close OBS the framework drops back down to negligible CPU utilization.

This turns my 'upgrade' into a performance wash... But boy does it look pretty! :D