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  1. P

    Bug Report No option to use NVENC(Old) in the new update.

    Due to this, People using older Pascal GPU'S will have bad stream quality. Why is the option to Old NVENC removed?
  2. D

    Question / Help How much power acutally takes it for a RTX 2080ti to use the new nvenc while running games?

    Hey Guys, im about to get my new setup in a few days and Im just wondering about this question in general: So for example: lets say I run PUBG on my new rtx 2080ti with 120 FPS how much performance I will lose in game now when I start to run streamlabs OBS and go live with the new nvenc...
  3. A

    Question / Help Is this the maximum I can get with New NVENC?

    Hi, I'm trying to get the best settings for quality with the New NVENC. Even at 7000 bitrate / Max Quality preset, I still get some very noticable artifacts. Here's my settings: Am I hitting the limit of what New NVENC can offer? Or is there something I can tweak to have better image...
  4. C

    Question / Help FPS Indicator not matching up with actual video output FPS

    I've had this problem ever since I started recording and It has never made any sense to me but the FPS Indicator (not sure what it's actual name is but I attached an image below) never matches up with the actual video and usually the video is around 30-40 fps when OBS can say it's as high as...
  5. Gianluca Leal

    Question / Help Intermittent OBS Stuttering and lag with OBS v23 (NVNEC SDK, and NVNEC FFMPEG)

    TL;DR Since upgrading to OBS v23, I've started to encounter variably lengthed stutters and have not been able to find a solution. These issues are visible in both the new AND old implementation of NVENC. These issues were NOT present in OBS v22's NVNEC. (Skip to "the problem" for more details)...
  6. C

    Question / Help GPU Resources: New NVENC vs x264

    Hello, My PC uses an 8700k cpu and 1070 gpu. I have always run OBS Studio on x264 at the 'fast' preset with OBS set to "above normal" priority. I stream 720p60 at 4500 bitrate. OBS doesn't report 'dropped frames' in the bottom right corner (the one with the % of dropped frames) but it struggles...
  7. E

    Bug Report [23.0.1 nvEnc] High CPU usage by Windows User Mode Driver Framework when OBS is open

    I recently upgraded to a 2070 from a 1070 to take advantage of the new nvEnc. Prior to upgrading to the 2070 I was seeing much better CPU utilization with nvEnc and OBS.. Usually a total usage of Windows User Mode Driver Framework & OBS together using of around 6-11% CPU utilization Once I...
  8. E

    Question / Help New NVENC Encoder Causing "Encoder Overload"

    Hey all! So, I was running my stream per usual the other night after the new OBS 23 release, and noticed I was getting an "encoding overload" message every single time I streamed. No matter how low or high my settings go, this issue still occurs. So, just to see, I ran my stream, same settings...
  9. A

    Question / Help New nvenc setting error lags when switching to in game scene

    just started using the new nvenc settings, runs great and doesn't bog down my i7 67k on anthem. however i'm having an issue, when i switch to the game scene it freezes for a about 10seconds and won't do a smooth transition. any ideas? log file posted below
  10. sneaky4oe

    Question / Help remove it

    I believe I made a mistake with comparison. I will update thread once again later
  11. W

    Question / Help Using NVENC in simple mode, getting overload at idle

    I'm running update 23.0.1 (64 bit obv) with an R7 1700 + RTX 2080 (32gb RAM) and I'm sitting at streaming at 1080p60 and STILL getting encoding overloaded. here is my current log Does anyone have any idea as to what might be causing the...
  12. C

    Question / Help OBS not keeping a stable 60FPS with NVENC

    I have been using NVENC on multiple versions of obs over the years without any issues recently i tried to begin streaming again after a break during winter and i can't seem to get a constant 60fps (in obs) while streaming. I've looked into gpu utilization and in game without obs open i'll sit...
  13. C

    Question / Help OBS 23.0.0 Encoder Overloaded

    My System: i7 8700k @ 4.9ghz 32gb DDR4-3000mhz RAM MSI DUKE RTX 2080 (419.17 driver) 1Tb SSD. I am trying to stream at 1080p60fps using the new OBS 23.0.0 for the enhanced NVENC encoding quality, however I am constantly getting encoder overloaded and dropping frames hard. I have attached a...