Question / Help How much power acutally takes it for a RTX 2080ti to use the new nvenc while running games?


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Hey Guys, im about to get my new setup in a few days and Im just wondering about this question in general:

So for example: lets say I run PUBG on my new rtx 2080ti with 120 FPS

how much performance I will lose in game now when I start to run streamlabs OBS and go live with the new nvenc encoding?

does the new nvenc encoding takes much power from the gpu? like can you say in general new nvenc takes 10% ... 20% .... ?% from gpu

would be very interesting to know

- Dojon


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nvenc encoding takes no resources from the gpu, but the general compositing process of OBS does. On a GTX 2080, it is probably up to 5%, if you don't use any filters. If you use filters, CPU usage might increase depending on the filters.