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  1. B

    Streamlabs OBS - migający ekran

    Mam problem z działaniem Streamlabs OBS, przy nagrywaniu gry "Icewind Dale". Nie wiem dlaczego, ale ekran mi miga przy nagrywaniu rozgrywki. Próbowałem wszelkich sposobów, ale żaden z nich nie niweluje problemu, ani nic nie poprawia. Czy ktoś z tego forum wie, jak to naprawić?
  2. joulinara

    OBS crashing camera properties (NVIDIA graphics drivers)

    Hello dear gamers, The new NVIDIA graphics card drivers, version 526.86 "Game Ready" and newer, have a known issue that causes OBS Studio to hang when using a Video Capture Device source. Revert to the most recent "Studio" drivers and avoid updating until the next "Studio" driver comes out. The...
  3. L

    How to solve problem with vst plugins in streamlabs OBS?

    Vst plugins won't open in streamlabs. Through normal OBS, all plugins open well. Is there any workaround to solve this problem?
  4. M

    [FR] Problème alert box sur Streamlabs obs

    Bonjour tout le monde, je stream depuis peu sur Twitch via le logiciel Streamlabs obs. J'ai configuré mes alertes personnalisées avec des gifs que j'ai téléchargés, seuls les sons viennent de Streamlabs pour l'instant. Quand je test les alertes avec Streamlabs, tout fonctionne, les gifs comme...
  5. I

    MultiTrack recording not recording MIC.

    Hi, As the title states, when using multi track recording (while streaming and just on its own) the audio of my MIC is not being recorded. When checking stream, my mic works just fine. My stream is using Audio Track 3, which has both the game audio, alertbox and my mic on it. The recording...
  6. R

    StreamlabsOBS garbage FPS on a very good PC

    i9-9900k RTX 2080S 32Gb RAM all other components are on par. 2x 1440p monitors My Streamlabs OBS barely maintains 30FPS of recording/stream for some reason and it works worse with NVENC, then with x264. During x264 encoding CPU is under 50% load in Task Manager. OBS shows that it loads CPU...
  7. Pimacs

    How to completely unistall Twitch Soundtrack?

    Hi! Somewhile ago I was using Streamlabs OBS and was thinking "Hey! I should get this Twitch Soundtrack thing. We never know what could happen". But I saw a problem very quick... It didn't work very well. Nothing was going through the audio track "VOD for Soundtrack" so every VOD I had was...
  8. G

    Streamlabs OBS Computer crashing when streaming overwatch

    I was streaming overwatch about a week ago or so, Then randomly my pc bluescreens with the error code kmode_exception_not_handled. I was streaming it today and my pc just black screened and then restarted after about 10 seconds. I can stream for about an hour to 2 hours then it crashes. The...
  9. T

    Strange Camera Problem

    Hey all, running into a weird video problem with my camera. I use a video capture hdmi to usb card to go from my sony a7r3 into my streaming computer. The video preview on the camera itself is correct, as well as the preview in the settings, but not the actual stream display. Example below...
  10. O

    Streamlabs obs not exporting recordings

    Whenever I record anything with stream labs obs it runs smoothly but I have one problem. My recordings go to my captures folder but there are no videos inside the folder. Here's a gif showing what's happening, Recently I did change my regular...
  11. J

    Vlice echo streamlabs obs

    Hey everyone, A couple of things...I use voice mod and use nvidia broadcaster for the mic. O have a voice echo when I record with stream labs and my voice. Shadowplay even constantly records my voice with the mic turned off. I have tried everything but still have a echo. If anyone can help...
  12. C

    Audio delay in OBS / Streamlabs OBS

    Hello! I have Elgato HD60S for a year and it has always worked well, but yesterday it started to give problems with the audio. In the GAME CAPTURE application the sound works fine without delay, but when I open OBS or STREAMLABS OBS with the Elgato HD60S source the audio is 1 or 2 seconds late...
  13. S

    Game record doenst work

    Hello, ive got a problem. I was streaming cs:go and everything worked fine. The next moment i restarted the game and now there is just a blackscreen. the Game capture does not work with ANY other game either (or programm). The simple solution on ever youtube video or the support of Streamlabs...
  14. M

    capture card audio delay issues

    I recently got a capture card and have been attempting to view it using streamlabs obs. Everything had been working fine except the audio. The audio had approximately a .63 second delay after the video. I have tried changing the delays in the advanced audio settings (the most common solution...
  15. K

    How do I deal with framedrops ingame while I'm streaming using OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS? D:

    Just so you get an idea of what I'm dealing with, Here are my PC Specs: Processor: Intel i7-8700k GPU: RTX 2070 Twin OC RAM: 16GB 4200Mhz SSD: Samsung EVO 950 256GB M.2 About a couple of months ago, when I used to stream Rainbow Six Siege, I used to get a steady 230+ Frames. But since the...
  16. Vampor

    Cannot select Video-Adapter (2nd GPU)

    Hello there, So i wanted to use my 2nd gpu as an encoder for streaming on Streamlabs. In OBS it worked just fine, I could see my 2 GPUs as “video adapters” in the streaming settings, but in Streamlabs this option is greyed out. I can not select anything. The encoder is set to AMD, the 2nd...
  17. I

    Choppy Video When Recording, But Perfectly Smooth Streams (SLOBS)

    Hi! This is my first time posting here so bear with me :))) I also want to preface this by saying I use Streamlabs OBS, but their forum page is bugged and I can't post anything there. Whenever I stream, I get perfect video. Regardless if I’m streaming a game, or just my camera, I will never...
  18. D

    Streamlabs OBS has weird quality

    Hello community, I'm experiencing an issue in OBS when I stream or record videos. I stream most of the time a game named "osu!". Basically this is a rythm game. It is very hard to explain what issue I mean but as more as you will read, the more will you understand. This is the clip/the game...
  19. S

    cant hear audio when streamlabs is open

    i cant hear audio when streamlabs is open but when i close it i can hear audio again this is important for me because in discord calls i wont be able to hear others talking when recording with streamlabs is there a fix for this, so i can record while i can hear the audio? (i posted this here...
  20. S

    I can't stream Minecraft with Streamlabs OBS!

    I can't stream Minecraft with Streamlabs OBS I don't know why. I have Game Capture with capture specific window. So I don't know what the problem is. Please come back with an answer. -sebiscool-