StreamlabsOBS garbage FPS on a very good PC


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RTX 2080S
32Gb RAM
all other components are on par.
2x 1440p monitors

My Streamlabs OBS barely maintains 30FPS of recording/stream for some reason and it works worse with NVENC, then with x264. During x264 encoding CPU is under 50% load in Task Manager. OBS shows that it loads CPU 15-20%. GPU is always loaded on 99% if I am playing any decently new game, no matter the settings. And performs great, maintains 100-144FPS on dual 1440p setup.

Video stats on Twitch show that I have 60ish FPS and skip like 30 frames per second. Streamlabs OBS shows 30ish frames per second and 0 skipped, lol. Meanwhile in the actual game everything is buttery smooth.

Adjusting settings in games from minimum to maximum or the opposite doesn't change FPS situation even for a bit. Disonnecting/reconnecting second monitor doesn't change anything as well. Switching encoding presets (ultrafast, veryfast, fast, medium), adjusting bitrate (4000, 6000, 6500, 25000), adding key frames 2, switching canvas resolution between 1080p and 720p, moving priority up from Normal to AboveNormal. Everything here doesn't change FPS of recording/stream at all. I know for a fact, that this is not bandwidth problem, because recordings have the same choppiness.

Also worth mentioning that Shadowplay and Bandicam record everything perfectly. Stable 60FPS, no blurriness, no freezes, just perfect.

Going by everything I said here I can only assume that the problem is in the OBS itself. Need help.

Can't find logs, lol


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To clarify, SLOBS is not OBS. It is a derivative version based on the OBS Studio open-source codebase, with a hacksaw taken to it.

We provide no support for SLOBS here, only OBS Studio. You will need to contact Streamlabs for assistance with their derivative version.