Choppy Video When Recording, But Perfectly Smooth Streams (SLOBS)


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Hi! This is my first time posting here so bear with me :))) I also want to preface this by saying I use Streamlabs OBS, but their forum page is bugged and I can't post anything there.

Whenever I stream, I get perfect video. Regardless if I’m streaming a game, or just my camera, I will never have any hardware limitations, only network limitations from time to time. My current stream output settings are:

NVENC (new)
4500 bitrate
Preset: Quality

You can see an example of my stream on

The problem is, when I try to record video, I will always get choppy/stuttering video. The tests I’ve done with recording have all been without any gaming (so I know it’s not any hardware limitations). I test my recording by simply capturing a display with a YouTube video running and it will always be choppy. The settings for my recording are set to “use stream encoder”. However, I’ve tested every single type of encoding, and every type of recording format. I’ve tried to playback my videos in Window’s Movies and TV, Media Player, and VLC, and they all result in a choppy video.

It would be really awesome if someone could help me out here :)))

My computer specs are:
Razer Blade 15 2020 (Advanced Model)
Intel i7-10875
RTX 2070 Super Max-Q
16Gb Ram

Thanks In Advanced,


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Wait, this is so troll.

I changed the folder in which SLOBS saves the recording from the default "video" folder to my desktop. Now my recordings are smooth. Hope this fix applies to other people in my situation.


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Another Update:

On my second time recording to the desktop, it went back to being choppy. I tried to swap folders multiple times, but it's still choppy.



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Ok, I think I know the problem.

The video files themselves seem to be perfectly fine, but the playback was the issue. Even thought I already tried using VLC, but upon using it again for playback, the videos all seem to be recorded fine. I wonder why Windows Movies and TV have such a hard time playing the files.

Thanks :)))