How do I deal with framedrops ingame while I'm streaming using OBS Studio or Streamlabs OBS? D:


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Just so you get an idea of what I'm dealing with,
Here are my PC Specs:

Processor: Intel i7-8700k
GPU: RTX 2070 Twin OC
RAM: 16GB 4200Mhz
SSD: Samsung EVO 950 256GB M.2

About a couple of months ago, when I used to stream Rainbow Six Siege, I used to get a steady 230+ Frames. But since the recent NVidia driver update things have started looking shaky no matter what game I stream. I keep experiencing consistent drops from 180 to 130 frames.
I don't know where to begin trying to fix this issue, I tried a driver rollback. But it didn't seem to help.
I'd appreciate any help regarding this at this point.

P.S: This is really fucking my shit up right now, can't play for shit on my 240hz and stream at the same time. Halp pls D: