Streamlabs OBS has weird quality


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Hello community,

I'm experiencing an issue in OBS when I stream or record videos. I stream most of the time a game named "osu!".
Basically this is a rythm game.

It is very hard to explain what issue I mean but as more as you will read, the more will you understand.

This is the clip/the game where the issue appears basically:

You may see that the "circles" are disappearing and appearing very very fast. You would think it would be almost impossible to click and "read" it right this instant.
This is the issue here. Basically that should look like it. It should appear and disappear A LOT slower. Also the "followlines" you see between the most circles look weird too. In-Game they generally look like a normal white line and on stream you clearly can see that the opacity changes (some spots have high opacity and some have not, basically white contrast and grey.)

I asked in the forum of the game, they tried to help me but then figured out that only the OBS Forum could solve it.

I can't really replicate the issue in different games since this is like the only game that has something like this in a form you call "rythm game".

I hope someone can help me with that problem.
Here are all Streamlabs OBS settings I'm using. I don't know how big the difference is between normal OBS and Streamlabs OBS but whatever.

Just to inform you, I use NVEC because x264 limits my CPU somehow and I can't really aim with my mouse accurately. Mouse stutters basically.
Hope someone can help me!



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Oh sorry then. I just saw few people who was writing about stuff about streamlabs OBS so I just though I could too. Well then.