1. M

    Question / Help Redoing old settings

    Hey guys, I've just recently moved as well as added a new monitor to my setup, so I'm looking to redo some settings. I stream from a PS4 pro to my laptop. I'll list some other hardware/software as well. CPU: Intel Core i7-6400u GPU: Nvidia GeForce 940MX RAM: 2 GB DDR5 Capture Card: Elgato Game...
  2. K

    Question / Help GPU usage issue + "an encoding error occurred while streaming"

    Hello, I've been streaming regularly for the past two weeks and I've had no issues whatsoever until recent updates (from 3 days ago or something) : the first one introduced this "an encoding error occurred while streaming" randomly happening when I stream, which I've never had before. It...
  3. PizzaPeter1998

    Question / Help GPU Not Being Fully Utilised

    Hi there, When streaming the quality of my streams are hit and miss and I am wandering why. I've recently bought a new GPU so I decided to dedicate my old GPU to encoding the stream however, I have found out that when I start streaming the quality of the stream doesn't seem to be that great and...
  4. J

    Question / Help Encoding CPU or GPU / Hyper threading ON/OFF ? My 2600k can handle this?

    Hello! Cpu: i7-2600k 3,2-3.8 turbo STOCK with coolermaster air flow Gpu: MSI RX 480 8G Ram: 8gb 1333mhz Psu 620w 80+ seasonic Mobo: intel dq67ow Ssd: 120gb Hdd: hitachi 500gb Upload speed 12 MB/s Temperatures in games : cpu max 58c gpu max 65c I wanna stream 1080p60fps , but what you suggest...
  5. D

    Question / Help I have a gripe with the GPU Overload Issue Guide

    About this page I have problem with: It says: No you shouldnt do that. Yes its right that the monitor cant do more than its refreshrate - but everything else still can do: Game Engine, Input devices etc still run on the high fps and actually...
  6. S

    Question / Help Got another monitor capture black screen issue for yas. Pls help.

    So i was messing around with different ways to capture my webcam to record separately and i think it may have done something to obs. Could also just have randomly broken its just sorta odd cuz obs was running fine the last time i tried it. I poked around for different troubleshooting guides and...
  7. S

    Multi GPU Encoding?..

    So, we can use multiple cores/cpus.. but is it possible to use multiple gpus for encoding together? I have a machine learning build that i would like to try it out on
  8. D

    Question / Help Quicksync settings

    Hi, so I want to record a video in OBS with quicksync encoder. What setting should I use for the maximum quality that I can achieve?
  9. kireita

    Question / Help 240Hz monitor problems, trying to record/stream 720P@60Hz but result is choppy (looks like less than 30Hz)

    Hey Forum, These are my specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @4.10GHz GPU: GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 16GB Monitor: Single Alienware AW2518HF Recorder: Elgato HD60S i have the following issue: I have a single 240Hz monitor, the Alienware AW2518HF (the free sync model that as of recently can do G-Sync) when i...
  10. S

    Question / Help Best Low Budget GPU?

    What's up? I'm not a gamer I just want clean video for my YT live streams. I will be putting OBS to the test with transitions and fairly complex scenes I don't need to drop major bucks on a GPU for this reason but I would like the option of using NVEC so I'd like to ask you what you would...
  11. F

    Question / Help Nvidia GTX 1650 NVENC Quality Question

    So I'm on the market for a new GPU to put in an OEM Dell PC, meaning I'm limited to cards under 75 watts. The 1650 just released, and I was wondering if that card would see the same quality enhancements that the other Turing GPUs received from the new NVENC APIs and the OBS 23.0 update...
  12. T

    You Don't Need An Additional 10% GPU Utilization For Psycho Tuning

    I've been doing some testing with NVENC on my GTX 1080, and I've found that even with High Quality enabled and Psycho Tuning enabled, I get no dropped frames when using both combined at 99% GPU usage. I'd really like to know why people are saying you need around 10% GPU utilization left over...
  13. I

    Question / Help Dual GPU Encoding w/ x264?

    So I was curious if I were able to purchase a dedicated GPU to use for dealing with load on OBS with x264. Currently, I use medium preset, but my fps games use 80-90% of my GPU and obs uses about 10-15% on that x264 preset and because of that I get fps drops in higher usage times. So I was...
  14. C

    Question / Help GPU Resources: New NVENC vs x264

    Hello, My PC uses an 8700k cpu and 1070 gpu. I have always run OBS Studio on x264 at the 'fast' preset with OBS set to "above normal" priority. I stream 720p60 at 4500 bitrate. OBS doesn't report 'dropped frames' in the bottom right corner (the one with the % of dropped frames) but it struggles...
  15. D

    Question / Help stream settings for apex and fortnite

    hello sorry in advance if this is in the wrong section its my first post and I was just looking for some help regarding some stream settings. my comp specs are I5 6500 gtx 1070 ti 16gb ram 120 gb ssd 1tb hdd internet speed and my obs settings right now are 3800 bitrate nvenc base...
  16. V

    Question / Help What's the Best Setting For OBS Recording and Streaming Based Off Of My Hardware Specs

    Motherboard: Asus Prime Z370-A II CPU: Intel Core i7 8700k GPU: Asus Geforce GTX 1080 Strix Advanced Edition RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 2x8 (16GB) 3000MHz Hard Drive: Samsung V-NAND SSD 860 EVO SATA M.2 (500GB) Western Digital 1TB Blue Power Supply: Corsair CX 850M...
  17. R

    Question / Help Stream Lag When Above 60fps

    So recently I got a new monitor of 144hz, so I end up with 2 monitors, the old one is 60hz. The thing is that when the games are uncapped (or capped at 144hz it doesn't matter) the GPU icreases to 90 or 99%, the FPS in game are fine like usual but the problem is that the Stream start to LAG or...
  18. A

    Question / Help OBS AMD R9 285 Encoding , losing frames

    Hi, i have a decent PC, but CPU is weak for streaming so i decided to try GPU, with HW encoding (R9 285, Sapphire Dual-X OC Edition) but frames dropping, i have set bitrate around 4500kbps, but its droping under 1000kbps while in idle and not playing, just AFK Scene. Computer also in idle , only...
  19. R

    Question / Help Why Does OBS Lag No Matter How Low I Set Things?

    OBS always lags out even though my game did not, I don't have the best PC, but it runs most modern games, for instance My Hero Academia: One's Justice runs fine as a game, but my recordings of it are so laggy, I don't know what settings to have it on and I'm getting a bit frustrated after a few...
  20. T

    Question / Help NVENC H264 Error

    Hey, it seams that every time i try to record h264 via my GPU, it doesn't work, i get an error messageevery time but when i record via my CPU, Work Perfectly... I want to start recording with my GPU because I play mostly cpu intensive games so if i record with my GPU, I could crank some render...