1. S

    OBS Recorded Preview "Pink And Green" Glitch

    I have a RX570 sapphire 8gb and normally record using my CPU power because my GPU encoding had a problem when i previewed it. I have almost not seen anything like this on the internet and need some help. Here is what it looks like in OBS and this is the preview from the video as you can tell...
  2. J

    Question / Help OBS Using 50-75% of GPU; Looked Through Many Fixes, Nothing Helps

    First time posting, long time user of the forum and OBS. The title pretty much says it all, but for some reason my OBS has recently been causing massive take-down of my GPU performance. For the log file below, I have no games running and the only application up is firefox (looking at this page)...
  3. J

    Question / Help Ec2-Ubuntu running tigervnc error

    Getting an error with regards to GPU not supported...(please check screenshot)
  4. M

    Question / Help Best GPU for Rendering Previews - Advice Needed

    I'm using OBS right now due to COVID-19, not to stream, but to be just a video/audio mixer for several C920 webcams to feed into zoom/skype. In my setup prep last week I was testing and was finding that sometimes my rendering times would spike a little (like up to 8 or 9 ms from around 2-3ms)...
  5. sebsto

    Question / Help Can not stream / record using NVENC

    Hello, I am installing OBS on a virtual machine in the cloud (Amazon Workspaces) This is Windows Server 2016, with NVidia drivers installed. NVidia control panel reports a GK520 card, with driver 370.41 Windows' Device Manager reports the same : OBS version 25.0.1 64 bits When...
  6. T

    Question / Help Gpu or cpu

    Why: recording VR screen for videos Where: asseto corse competizione (very badly optimized game especially in VR. my old PC had a1080ti gpu and a 6800 cpu 3.5 or 3.6 ghz I can’t remember. I kept the game on medium settings but wasn’t happy with it however it recorded decently. Using the GPU in...
  7. N

    Question / Help Dual GTX 1060 GPU - only one monitor visible

    Hi there! My name is Niklas, I am new to this forum but not so new in using OBS :-) As headlined, my Win10 i7 6K 64GB RAM works with Dual MSI GTX 1060 6G on Nvidia drivers. GPU 1 - 4K Benq as main streaming monitor GPU 2 - 2x FHD Benq as Mixing console, OBS, storyboard etc. When i only had one...
  8. D

    Question / Help i9900ks 5GHz or RTX 2080ti for encoding stream

    Hey Guys, my new setup will include a rxt 2080ti and a i9900ks with 5Ghz I heard with the new nvenc method on obs you can easily reach h.264 encoding medium quality my question now is, could I handle a cpu encoding on fast? or should I use the new nvenc because its way less stressful for my...
  9. D

    Question / Help How much power acutally takes it for a RTX 2080ti to use the new nvenc while running games?

    Hey Guys, im about to get my new setup in a few days and Im just wondering about this question in general: So for example: lets say I run PUBG on my new rtx 2080ti with 120 FPS how much performance I will lose in game now when I start to run streamlabs OBS and go live with the new nvenc...
  10. jeanmonday

    Question / Help Unstable framerate even after Windows 1903, Game Mode ON and OBS running as admin

    This GPU allocation issue is driving me nuts! I’ve tried everything to keep my framerate stable without going under 720p. I used to record pristine quality with solid 30/60fps on anything, any game. But everything’s going into a downward spiral lately! WHAT I WAS ABLE TO DO I ran my games at...
  11. M

    Question / Help Low fps in games when I open OBS with integrated graphics

    I want to start streaming LOL on twitch, I got everything configured but i have a problem. I would like to stream the whole screen so that there is no black screen between games, so I run OBS Studio with the integrated graphics. However, when I do that, my fps in-game drop to 20-30 (I have them...
  12. P

    Question / Help Is it time to Upgrade? If so WHAT?

    Hi y'all, I've been streaming casually for about 2 years now. Mainly esports titles that don't push my Rx 480 8gb too hard, but recently I started playing Modern Warfare and I have been unable to have a clean and stutter-free stream. I bought a Ryzen 7 1700x a year ago and my stream went from...
  13. M

    Question / Help Redoing old settings

    Hey guys, I've just recently moved as well as added a new monitor to my setup, so I'm looking to redo some settings. I stream from a PS4 pro to my laptop. I'll list some other hardware/software as well. CPU: Intel Core i7-6400u GPU: Nvidia GeForce 940MX RAM: 2 GB DDR5 Capture Card: Elgato Game...
  14. K

    Question / Help GPU usage issue + "an encoding error occurred while streaming"

    Hello, I've been streaming regularly for the past two weeks and I've had no issues whatsoever until recent updates (from 3 days ago or something) : the first one introduced this "an encoding error occurred while streaming" randomly happening when I stream, which I've never had before. It...
  15. PizzaPeter1998

    Question / Help GPU Not Being Fully Utilised

    Hi there, When streaming the quality of my streams are hit and miss and I am wandering why. I've recently bought a new GPU so I decided to dedicate my old GPU to encoding the stream however, I have found out that when I start streaming the quality of the stream doesn't seem to be that great and...
  16. J

    Question / Help Encoding CPU or GPU / Hyper threading ON/OFF ? My 2600k can handle this?

    Hello! Cpu: i7-2600k 3,2-3.8 turbo STOCK with coolermaster air flow Gpu: MSI RX 480 8G Ram: 8gb 1333mhz Psu 620w 80+ seasonic Mobo: intel dq67ow Ssd: 120gb Hdd: hitachi 500gb Upload speed 12 MB/s Temperatures in games : cpu max 58c gpu max 65c I wanna stream 1080p60fps , but what you suggest...
  17. D

    Question / Help I have a gripe with the GPU Overload Issue Guide

    About this page I have problem with: It says: No you shouldnt do that. Yes its right that the monitor cant do more than its refreshrate - but everything else still can do: Game Engine, Input devices etc still run on the high fps and actually...
  18. Sparktite

    Question / Help Got another monitor capture black screen issue for yas. Pls help.

    So i was messing around with different ways to capture my webcam to record separately and i think it may have done something to obs. Could also just have randomly broken its just sorta odd cuz obs was running fine the last time i tried it. I poked around for different troubleshooting guides and...
  19. S

    Multi GPU Encoding?..

    So, we can use multiple cores/cpus.. but is it possible to use multiple gpus for encoding together? I have a machine learning build that i would like to try it out on
  20. D

    Question / Help Quicksync settings

    Hi, so I want to record a video in OBS with quicksync encoder. What setting should I use for the maximum quality that I can achieve?