Hardware for NDI Streams


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im Streaming 3 NDI Streams (2 Cameras, one Projector, to screen Capturing) to Youtube. Right now im Doing that on a MacPro 5.1 or a Macbook Air M1. The Macbook Air has the Problem that after some time it gets hot, Framerate drops and i get delays. The Mac Pro works OK but there are only "hack" ways to get newer updates. So i thoght to get a new PC with Windows to stream 1080p60 to Youtube. i can drop that to 1080p30.

The only thing that will be used are some Keying Effects in OBS and Multiview on a second Screen as well as Program View on a third one. I think CPU Encoding is still best, especially when im not playing Games on the same PC, but please correct me.

Im wondering that CPU i really need to buy. Im looking at the Ryzen CPUs. Ryzen 7 5800X or Ryzen 9 5900X.
32GB Ram, SSD, RTX 3060 (wohaaa, prices are high...)

If i go with CPU Encoding, wouldnt it be enough to buy a slower/older GPU?
Or should i go with a slower CPU and a RTX 3080?

I hope this is the right Forum for this Question.


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Correct forum
If you go with CPU encoding, then by definition your CPU demands will be higher (vs offloading encoding to GPU)
Those recent Ryzen 5xxx series are more than adequate
THe general rule of thumb is that you can lower your CPU demands using a Turning NVENC or newer, meaning nVidia GTX 1650 Super or higher/newer)... though, there is a whisper than some more recently made GTX 1650 might have the Turing chipset (though when the cards were first released... how can you tell in advance... not sure, hence I'd stick with 1650 Super to be safe.. correct GPU pricing now is silly. Personally, I'd get an older GPU now, and upgrade later to when prices get more reasonable (maybe summer/fall of '22)
A 3060 would be really nice, but as you noted, outrageous pricing (and lack of availability on many parts, not just GPU)!!

Have you considered doing something to keep the Macbook Air cool and avoid thermal throttling?