2 GPU's, setting GPU priority to 0 but not working


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Hey guys!
Sorry if this post was already made, I've read about 5 different ones that could have been related to my problem, but nothing fixed the issue.

Pretty much, the issue is that OBS Studio, under the Settings>Output>Streaming>GPU setting, I have it set to 0 so I can use my card 0 to stream with, but it never works, always jumps on Card 1.
I've tried it vise versa, where I'd plug my monitors on my Card 0, and set GPU to 1, and that worked.

Not really sure what's happening.


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I'd suggest removing the 3060 from your system as the 2080 Super is the more powerful card. Rendering across different GPUs actually hurts performance as texture data has to cross the PCI-e bus instead of remaining in VRAM.


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Well when I played the game off the 3060, and streamed off the 2080, it actually helped a lot. I'm just trying to do it vise versa


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Yeah second PC would be best, but yeah the performance was awesome vise versa, but I don't want to use that card. Oh well.