streaming details

  1. Robertjm

    OBS not saving streaming service information after close

    Hi all, I've applied the latest update (29.1.2) that was rolled out, and am having an issue with settings sticking. It seems every time I launch the program I have to go in and specify that I'm using Vimeo as my service. (Settings --> Service). I select Custom, then Show All, and then scroll...
  2. CZor

    2 GPU's, setting GPU priority to 0 but not working

    Hey guys! Sorry if this post was already made, I've read about 5 different ones that could have been related to my problem, but nothing fixed the issue. Pretty much, the issue is that OBS Studio, under the Settings>Output>Streaming>GPU setting, I have it set to 0 so I can use my card 0 to...
  3. djivestudio

    Question / Help Streaming details

    Hi all, Is there a way to provide a file or a setup of OBS that preloads all the streaming details and other settings. This would save time setting up new performers, because they have a tendency to make mistakes entering the details. Thanks for your help!