OBS not saving streaming service information after close


New Member
Hi all,

I've applied the latest update (29.1.2) that was rolled out, and am having an issue with settings sticking.

It seems every time I launch the program I have to go in and specify that I'm using Vimeo as my service. (Settings --> Service).

I select Custom, then Show All, and then scroll down to find Vimeo (I could've sworn Vimeo was an option before without having to select the Custom option).
Server is left as Default, and then I enter in my streaming key which I generated at Vimeo earlier.

Is there something I can do on my end to force it to remember the information? Either that, or is there a patch coming soon? Honestly, Vimeo is enough of a big player here in the US that I'm surprised it's not on the list without having to go to Custom. If that was changed recently, please put it back!! :-)