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  1. T

    Help adjusting my OBS settings to get stable fps in CS2

    Hello, I've been streaming on Kick for a while now and my current system can stream pretty much any game I play without any issues. Except for CS2 for some reason, when I streamed CSGO I had no issues but now since there's no CSGO anymore I get some frame drops and also no stable fps in CS2...
  2. Robertjm

    OBS not saving streaming service information after close

    Hi all, I've applied the latest update (29.1.2) that was rolled out, and am having an issue with settings sticking. It seems every time I launch the program I have to go in and specify that I'm using Vimeo as my service. (Settings --> Service). I select Custom, then Show All, and then scroll...
  3. N

    Obs Studio Streamkey

    Hi all, so I have downloaded obs studio (very cool by the way) and it streams with no issues, but here is my 2 issues ..... Everything works well on obs except for the streamkey in settings and I have an Audio eco and I have no clue as to where it's originating from ! So every time I "End...
  4. I

    Settings for iMac Intel i7 - 3,8 Ghz - 128 GB RAM - AMD Radeon Pro 5500 XT 8GB

    I want to record Videos in 4K in OBS Studio Release 28.1.2 (64bit) Base screen 3840 x 2160 Output 3840 x 2160 FPS frames are set on 60 FPS Recording settings are set on USERDEFINED OUTPUT Container Format: Standard Videobitrate 64000 Kbps...
  5. dankoooo:)


    I'm trying to stream via xbox and capture card. But when I move, I have pixels. I have 400/400 internet. So a bitrate of 6k is fine. I have an encoder on gpu and everything I found should be ok. But it's not, my capture card can do 1080p up to 240 fps. I really don't know what to try and I...
  6. mucks

    Bitrate Keeps Dropping

    hello, i'm trying to figure out why the bitrate keeps dropping everytime i stream; cant tell it's either the settings i have or due to internet usage by my family. it's getting really annoying everytime my stream looks like pixels instead of clearness. here's the log...
  7. P

    OBS makes my game laggy

    I play Roblox and want to stream it to twitch, and the game itself it perfectly smooth, but for some reason when I put it into OBS it makes it much laggier then it actually is. I’ve tried adjusting the settings but nothing seems to work and I honestly don’t know what else to do. PLEASE HELP!
  8. A

    Best Settings for Low-end pc

    hi, I have a PC with very low specs: and a4 4000 gtx 750 4gb ram can i stream(just lol) with these specs? and what the best settings?
  9. B

    help, to configure my obs is the best way, without pixelation, constant bitrate, very HD and Very Fluid

    Hello, can someone please provide me with some obs settings for streaming, I have 2 pc I want the stream to be seen both HD, as well as the past broadcasts in case I want to download the live stream. I want some settings that are not pixelated and obviously that they go well with performance...
  10. mucks


    i have a problem with my stream; each time i stream, it's a little blurry and i dont have a clue how to fix that. i dont think it's supposed to look like this at all. here's an example of what it looks like. it doesnt really look clear compared to other people's streams. any suggestions...
  11. jotavefps


    AMD Ryzen 7 3700x GTX Geforce 1650 4gb 16RAM 3000mhz (2x8) Someone help me with settings to set up for twitch. I play csgo and pubg on stream
  12. P

    C920 getting pixelated at bright places

    Hi, I have been having this issue with my C920 webcam which gets very pixelated when I am in bright places in the game (Cod Warzone). Here is a twitch clip as example: I have played around with bitrate vs webcam resolution...
  13. B

    I need help for record/stream settings

    Hello everyone, I need good settings for recording and streaming my configuration is Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-6006U Processor (3M Cache, 2.00 GHz) Graphics adapter: Intel® HD Graphics 520 Main memory: 4GB My SSD: Adata 2,5" SATA 6Gb/s 240GB
  14. S

    Can't play while streaming - CPU running on 100%

    Hi, I've read the " High CPU Usage/High Encoding/Taking too long to encode? Read this first!" and the " Dropped frames/disconnecting/lag? Read this first! " threads, but my problem is still occuring. Log: (Already get rid of window capture, it was...
  15. JohnyC_Giant

    Streaming settings for mid end laptop

    Hi, i have a mid end HP Probook 450 G4 (exact specs are below) I started streaming not to long ago(I manly play osu! wich is quite inportant to not have any fps drops). I Would appreciate if you guys can help me to get the best settings for my laptop to run the stream and my game super fluentely...
  16. Magnocube967

    Stream looks blurry and pixelated

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to stream my game play (to Twitch) using both x264 and Nvidia NVENC. But the stream always looks blurry and pixelated as soon as I start moving. The texture looks extremely bad and when I do fast movement it will become almost unwatchable. I've tried to find...
  17. T

    What are the best settings to use my laptop to Stream (Nitro 5 2020)

    Hi everyone, I just got my new laptop yesterday and hoping I could stream my games (Usually CS:GO or Lightweight Indie games) to platforms like Facebook Live or Youtube, what are your recommended settings to Stream at 1080p 60fps? (720p or 1080p 30fps is fine, too!), my laptop specs can be...
  18. M

    Looking for a developer

    Hi All, I'm looking for a developer to help with a new platform integration. From what I've been told it is pretty simple and might only be about a weeks worth of work. The company I am working for can pay $2000 USD to get it done and merged to master. Would anyone be interested in...
  19. N

    Question / Help Encoder overloaded using NVENC (new)

    Don't know what to do anymore.... Tried all kinds of settings but OBS keeps on dropping frames like crazy. PC specs: CPU: i5-7500 RAM: 8GB GPU: GTX 1660 Ti SSD: 128GB HDD: 2TB Network: Download: 97Mbps/ Upload: 94Mbps I know that my PC is not high end for streaming and it's barely minimum. But...
  20. M

    Question / Help Best OBS Settings for Facebook Live

    My details: CPU: i7 7700 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 16GB 3200MHz U/Speeds: avg around 6-8 Mbps May I go live 1080p and what the best settings for my OBS? Please help me, thank you.