Question / Help Encoder overloaded using NVENC (new)


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Don't know what to do anymore.... Tried all kinds of settings but OBS keeps on dropping frames like crazy.

PC specs:
CPU: i5-7500
GPU: GTX 1660 Ti
SSD: 128GB
Network: Download: 97Mbps/ Upload: 94Mbps

I know that my PC is not high end for streaming and it's barely minimum. But I tried to set Bitrate to 2500 and it did not help. Changed Server and it kind of helped and kind of not... So setting higher or lower does not matter for OBS. Oh and the game I try to stream is Ni no Kuni II. Basically unbearable when OBS keeps on dropping frames like crazy.
Base Resolution 1920x1080;
Output 720p60;
Downscale Filter: Bicubic (Sharpening scaling, 16 samples)

Also included log files. First one I noticed that my Internet choked and second one just dropped a lot of frames. This never happened with any game I have streamed so far.

Here are my settings in OBS:



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