C920 getting pixelated at bright places


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Hi, I have been having this issue with my C920 webcam which gets very pixelated when I am in bright places in the game (Cod Warzone). Here is a twitch clip as example: https://clips.twitch.tv/AgreeableFineSalamanderKAPOW-35_R18_iq0Z0HWBv

I have played around with bitrate vs webcam resolution and all slobs settings but nothing seems to work well. The only thing that worked a little bit was changing the encode to the CPU (x264) instead of AMD (I have an AMD graphics card).

I am wondering if anyone had the same issue with this webcam and could help me.

Thank you

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This forum only offers support for OBS Studio.

I recommend contacting Streamlabs for support of their OBS derivative.

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Post an OBS Studio log file with a streaming or recording session.