1. Q

    Question / Help CPU or GPU what is best for streaming?

    I just wanted to ask a question one thats probably been asked a million times... But what is best for streaming CPU or GPU? I always thought cpu was the best but also see people say GPU is best so i'm pretty confused.. Any Information would be great.. Thanks...
  2. A

    Question / Help 90% GPU usage

    just wondering why i have 90% of my gpu being used when i start recording/ streaming i am hardware encoding with my amd rx480. However i also flipped back to software x264 and i still get 90% gpu usage??? some help would be nice. Last Log:
  3. H

    Question / Help Heyo i can't record with my GPU

    My log file :L 11:40:20.912: CPU Name: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor 11:40:20.912: CPU Speed: 3600MHz 11:40:20.912: Physical Cores: 8, Logical Cores: 16 11:40:20.912: Physical Memory: 16311MB Total, 13799MB Free 11:40:20.912: Windows Version: 10.0 Build 17134 (revision: 112...
  4. S

    Question / Help I need help for record and stream

    Hi everyone i have a problem i want to live on youtube and record not simultaneously with obs and i looking for good parameter here my configuration DETECTED PROCESSOR |...
  5. M

    Question / Help Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated.

    It used to work fine when I havn't installed GPU drivers. After installing GPU drivers, it just showed a dialog and said "Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated." But wait, I just installed the newest version of graphcis...
  6. A

    Question / Help OBS not using GPU after two instances

    So I am running 11 music livestreams to different youtube channels. I open 11 instances but only two of them will use the gpu (the NVENC H.264 option). All other instances only work when I select the cpu (x264 options) If I try to use more instances I get this error. My hardware spec is ...
  7. M

    Question / Help High GPU usage

    Some of you may not consider this usage as "high" but OBS Studio uses about 20% of my GPU at idle and it just gets higher and higher when I play games. In-game it feels even worse. In CS:GO my FPS drops from a very smooth 300 to a very choppy and laggy 150-200. My PC: - Ryzen 5 1600 - GTX 480...
  8. JakeHasNoLife

    Question / Help I have a question about Nvenc

    So I'm planning on upgrading to this graphics card: And I wanted to make sure I will be able to use Nvenc on it, since my cpu can't handle recording Fortnite, State Of Decay, Etc. But with both combined I...
  9. L

    Question / Help Help streaming?

    Hello! I’m sorry I’m advance if I posted this in the wrong thread. I’ve recently tried to stream, and I have had bad framerate and very skippy gameplay. I’m just wondering if anyone can help me out and figure out what is wrong for me to start successfully streaming with no lag. Here are my PC...
  10. R

    Question / Help Recording - Strange Behavior

    Hi I'm using OBS to record videos on Chrome for more than 4 months, every day, about 2 recording per day with approximately 2 hours each recording. Everything was fine, but all of a sudden the program started to consume too much CPU and GPU and show the message Enconding Overloaded. I followed...
  11. T

    Question / Help Gpu Drops to 4% then to 75% then back to normal

    Gpu Drops to 4% then to 75% then back to normal freezing my gameplay after 30mins the game play of my capture card and idk how to get a log error for it cause it doesnt show it, the gameplay also spazzez before it freezes completely
  12. FeLONe

    Question / Help New Windows Update OBS soft running on iGPU

    So with the recent update you are able to assign specific software to a specific GPU you want it to run on. I trid to set OBS to run on intel HD630 while i play on my GTX 1070 to bypass the render lag with OBS in PUBG (not enough gpu power in gtx1070 i guess). But the sources are not showing...
  13. Ihsan Tanis

    Question / Help OBS Sli GPU

    Hello! First of all, sorry for my bad english, i will try my best. I wanna stream on single setup, and i have 2 x 1080 and i have 2 x 240hz monitor with single display port on each GPU. My setup is like this [Left monitor] --------- [Straight monitor] Straight monitor is that one i use for...
  14. B

    Question / Help Windows 10 Syncs Every Frame

    So I found a forum which no longer exists that allowed me to change a reg key in Windows 10 that fixed my GPU problems when gaming and streaming on the Same PC. Now I have recently Formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Win10 so this fix is gone.There was something about Windows 7 that does not...
  15. trajon

    Question / Help Any hope for my laptop?

    Each time I stream OBS pushes my laptop to the very limit. I'm asking if there's any hope that I can actually use OBS on my laptop without stressing it? If so, what do I need to do. I attached the images below, and if you need any more information I'll get it. Also, this is a really...
  16. C

    Question / Help Pixelation with 4000 Bitrate?

    Would be awesome if someone could help me. Thank you. Hey.. so.. I tried streaming with my CPU as the encoder, but because I get fps drops in-game I use NVENC instead. I'm streaming a high-motion game (Call of Duty) with 4000 Bitrate and NVENC at 720p 60FPS and the stream looks pixelated. What...
  17. J

    Question / Help GPS?

    I stream a lot on my YouTube and Twitch but My dad has been telling me to us GPU? and I need to figure out how to set that up and links or videos or just help I will look into! Thanks For The Help! By The Way I have a GTX 980 Intel Core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.20 GHz 8 GB of RAM Windows...
  18. W

    Question / Help NVENC H.264 Not working

    Hi, I'm having issues with the NVENC. It doesn't seem to work, always ending to the same error; [NVENC encoder: 'streaming_h264'] Failed to open NVENC codec: Generic error in an external library. And this problem only appears, when I use the "GPU" setting above 0. Can someone explain, what...
  19. Xaymar

    AMD Hardware Encoder(s) [Deleted]

    Ever wanted to use the Hardware AMD H264 and H265/HEVC encoders in OBS Studio? Well now you can! This plugin adds full support for both into OBS Studio, with both a simple and advanced UI for the casual and power user. It is built upon the GPUOpen Advanced Media Framework SDK and thanks to a...