Question / Help 240Hz monitor problems, trying to record/stream 720P@60Hz but result is choppy (looks like less than 30Hz)


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Hey Forum,

These are my specs:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @4.10GHz
GPU: GTX 1060 6GB
Monitor: Single Alienware AW2518HF
Recorder: Elgato HD60S

i have the following issue:
  • I have a single 240Hz monitor, the Alienware AW2518HF (the free sync model that as of recently can do G-Sync) when i try to record or transmit game play it gets choppy, i did not have this before because i had a dual PC setup but gave away my 2nd PC and i wanted to try single PC streaming andi had success for a couple of days until i noticed i never turned on the 240Hz and here is when the trouble started.
  • Turning 240Hz on results in a choppy recording/stream. i have a elgato HD60S and tried all kinds of tricks but to no avail.
  • i need help in how i can record/stream 720P@60FPS without lowering my monitors Hz...
  • Right now the only solution is limiting my monitor to 60Hz buti did not buy a $300 shiny new Alienware monitor to play @60Hz (i can imagine you guys can relate).
Up until now i tried:
  • connecting HDMI + DP to the monitor and duplicate displays.
  • connecting HDMI + DP to the monitor and have everything run on the fake 2nd screen (the HDMI one).
  • connecting DP + Elgato HD60S and use video capture device.
  • connecting DP + Elgato HD60S , having the capture device as 2nd monitor and duplicating the screen.
  • Every possible variation of my monitor connected 2 times (as far as i know).
  • Every possible variation of the monitor + capture device as far as i know).
and they all result in the same choppy recording/stream, literally all configurations work when i turn the monitor to 60Hz.
i read forums and saw videos that the problem is in OBS itself since it cannot handle recording 60Hz and previewing 240Hz.
I also tried disabling previewing the stream and turning on G-Sync but nothing really works unless i the frequency is changed.

So my question to the OBS forum is:
  • Is there any idea of adding the support for these types of setups
  • is there any way to strictly have OBS record and preview 60Hz
  • any ideas on what i could do?
i just want my monitor to go up to 240Hz and OBS to record/stream 60Hz.
Is there any command or configuration to make OBS run in the background or just
have it do the processing without trying to preview or show the original screen?

Thanks for the read and i hope you guys can help.

PD: i also have a question about a x264 "Custom Muxer setting" i found and its the following:
--disable-gpu subme=9 no-fast-pskip=1 b-adapt=2 bframes=1 8x8dct=1 partitions=all me=umh merange=20
the idea is to have it run completely over the CPU use the GPU minimaly, i just need a confirmation if this actually works
nothing else.