Question / Help Encoding CPU or GPU / Hyper threading ON/OFF ? My 2600k can handle this?


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Cpu: i7-2600k 3,2-3.8 turbo STOCK with coolermaster air flow
Gpu: MSI RX 480 8G
Ram: 8gb 1333mhz
Psu 620w 80+ seasonic
Mobo: intel dq67ow
Ssd: 120gb
Hdd: hitachi 500gb
Upload speed 12 MB/s
Temperatures in games : cpu max 58c gpu max 65c

I wanna stream 1080p60fps , but what you suggest for a high quality streaming? Cpu or gpu encoding? Or did i need to downslace to 720p60fps? Did my 2600k can handle a cpu encoding?

Usually i play dotA2 and csgo i have a minimum 150fps on a 144hz monitor

And another question : do i need to turn on Hyper threading for streaming? Thanks for your answers! :)