help best stream settings

  1. H

    Encoding overload unsure why it is happening

    Hi guys and girls, I have a HP Laptop specs are below, Processor - AMD Ryzen 5 5625U with Radeon Graphics 2.30GHz Ram - 16gb (15.3gb usable Windows 11 home 516gb storage in addition I have a 2tb hard drive Everything is update all drivers and windows updates. I have this problem when...
  2. N


    Guys, I'm on a mission to find out why and how my output sound seems muffed on live stream, I've separated the audio lines to no get DMCA and the line from YT music when it play music sounds muffed on stream. How can I fix it? here's a clip, please make sure to open and see the clip :( rlly...
  3. R

    Youtoube streaming keep disconnecting help

    I start to came back streaming and somehow my i always keep disconnecting This is my setting And hares my log I sthere anything i could do ?
  4. C

    Stream Delay

    Hello, basically I am new to streaming on twitch and I've noticed that my stream has a delay. I have watched many tutorials on how to get at least 2 seconds of delay, but I still always have 6 seconds of delay. It feels like I've done everything I can, I enabled stream delay and set it to 1...
  5. D

    Sudden Stream Issues

    I was streaming on twitch when I ran into an issue. My frames have all suddenly gone to nearly 60% I then tried lowering the bitrate and it went to 20% ONLY when i made it 1000 bit rate which is way too low for the performance I was going for which is 2300 bit rate. Please someone go through the...
  6. D

    My OBS Bitrate is in the red for certain games, any idea on how to fix this?

    So I'm a really new streamer. Really new. I hardly know what I'm doing really, and I'm just doing it for fun but I would like to be able to use this program to continue streaming. Thus far I'd only played games like Deltarune and Undertale on this computer, and since those are not at all heavy...
  7. B

    help, to configure my obs is the best way, without pixelation, constant bitrate, very HD and Very Fluid

    Hello, can someone please provide me with some obs settings for streaming, I have 2 pc I want the stream to be seen both HD, as well as the past broadcasts in case I want to download the live stream. I want some settings that are not pixelated and obviously that they go well with performance...
  8. mucks


    i have a problem with my stream; each time i stream, it's a little blurry and i dont have a clue how to fix that. i dont think it's supposed to look like this at all. here's an example of what it looks like. it doesnt really look clear compared to other people's streams. any suggestions...
  9. D

    Dropped frames HELP

    I have been having this issue for streaming for nearly a year. I decided to look more in depth about it and have gotten nothing. Heres the changes i have been doing: -NVEC (New) on -Trying bitrates through twitch test and not ookla -Found the best server to use -dropped quality to 720 -dropped...
  10. E

    Need help setting up obs for proper stream without any encoding overloads..

    Hi, I'm trying to stop encoding overloads from happening on my pc while playing gta v. I'm streaming at 720p at 60fps and have a bitrate of 4500 I'm also using the hardware (AMD) or gpu for a encoder. I'll provide pcs specs here: I'm running a rx580 gpu with a intel core i5-3570k cpu @3.40ghz...
  11. CBonez

    Extremely bad ping while streaming LoL

    I've been wanting to stream mostly League of Legends for a while now but I have super bad internet (while not streaming I have 50 ping, while streaming it goes from 70-150), while most of the people in tutorials have worse internet than me and can stream games with good ping (I have 2/mbs upload...
  12. O

    Headset (A50) being picked up on stream, along with my Blue Yeti.

    I realized yesterday in my stream that my headset that im using to engage with the people im playing with, the audio is also being pushed through to my stream. This isn’t that big of a deal i guess but i bought a USB microphone (Blue Yeti) specifically for high quality audio of my voice to put...
  13. L

    Vods are Blurry when Watched or Downloaded.

    So I wanted to download my Stream Vods and when I did I saw that they were really Blurry or Pixelated. And when I streamed for 1 hour and 30 minutes, the Vod was 38 minutes long for some reason. I use NVENC (new) as an Encoder. 6000 CBR Output Sclae: 1920x1080 Framerate: 60FPS Downscale: 32...
  14. X


    new to the forums so bare with me. Ive been toying with my settings for about a year now and should be more than capable of streaming 1080p 60fps (or more if possible I know YT compresses it to that anyways) and I cannot seem to understand how to tweak my settings to get the best quality...
  15. K


    Hi everyone! This is my first thread on here so I'm not 100% sure how this works but I'm hoping to find a solution so my audio choppiness and distortion when streaming on OBS and also happens when I am recording. I always run OBS as admin and this fixes the problem occasionally but I want to...
  16. B

    Encoding problem with high-end CPU

    I am a streamer new to the streaming world. I have been working really hard this month to try and become an affiliate on Twitch. However, when running my stream through OBS Studio, I run into the worst possible error message: "Encoding Overload." I have read dozens of articles, tried all kinds...
  17. M

    Help! everytime i stream within at most an hour my game audio stops.

    hello, can anyone help with this issue i am having, when i am streaming part way through my stream my elgato capture card stops picking up game audio. i have an elgato capture HD60S+ and im using OBS studio. even when i am testing it (not streaming), it seems to stop after 20 mins. i am...
  18. T

    What are the best settings to use my laptop to Stream (Nitro 5 2020)

    Hi everyone, I just got my new laptop yesterday and hoping I could stream my games (Usually CS:GO or Lightweight Indie games) to platforms like Facebook Live or Youtube, what are your recommended settings to Stream at 1080p 60fps? (720p or 1080p 30fps is fine, too!), my laptop specs can be...
  19. D

    Problems with streaming!

    Hello there! i will try to explain my problem as accurately as possible- I want to start streaming overwatch. My monitor is at 2k resolution, but i figured for streaming i will drop my game resolution to full hd, and the same i did in streamlabs obs with my canvas size, and output resolution...
  20. VibezzMods

    Stream settings help!

    So i have built a new pc about 2 weeks ago but my stream always frame drops and stuff (thought it was SLOBS so i went to OBS Studio but see same results) SPECS -Intel Core i9-9900k @ 5.0 Ghz -Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660 Super -16 GB Ram @3200 MHz LOG FILES->