Question / Help I have a gripe with the GPU Overload Issue Guide


About this page I have problem with:

It says:

Whoa, hold up. Let's talk about this for a sec. You're asking your GPU to render 1000 frames per second for a device that only outputs 240 frames per second. That's asking your GPU to do unnecessary work, because you'll never see all those extra frames.
To help ensure that the GPU has enough resources for both the game and OBS (and other tasks that need the GPU), the easiest solution is to cap your game's framerate. Most modern games have a built-in option for this. The simplest thing to do here is set the game's framerate to the refresh rate of your monitor. Most PC monitors run at 60Hz, so for those, you can cap your games at 60 FPS. Some PC monitors run at other refresh rates (70Hz, 75Hz, 100Hz, 144Hz, 240Hz, etc.). That's okay. The key here is to cap your game's framerate to the refresh rate of your monitor, so match those numbers up and that should help.

No you shouldnt do that.
Yes its right that the monitor cant do more than its refreshrate - but everything else still can do: Game Engine, Input devices etc still run on the high fps and actually ARE better working with high fps !
You never ever would want to play Quake Champions capped at 60fps. The input response and engine itself are waaaay too slow on such a low fps. Doesnt matter at all if it is a 60hz monitor or a 240hz one - because thats irrelevant for the engine, input devices and so on!

What you should do is: Cap the framerate at the maximum the gpu can hold stable in the game and in OBS.

So if the GPU can render the game 200 fps without swapping around at all and can still render OBS with this - then go for it.
Due to fps swapping you even can lose some frames if you cap the game fps the same as the recording fps.


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Most games are smart enough to continue processing input and other things in the delay waiting for the next frame if you use an in-game cap option. Forcing vsync is the worst situation since then the game has no awareness or control over how it uses the idle time.


never met such a game. Every game's input (mouse movements) and game engine smoothness feels in 60 fps like I would expect from 60fps.
Yes vsync would be even worse obviously ^^