1. CZor

    2 GPU's, setting GPU priority to 0 but not working

    Hey guys! Sorry if this post was already made, I've read about 5 different ones that could have been related to my problem, but nothing fixed the issue. Pretty much, the issue is that OBS Studio, under the Settings>Output>Streaming>GPU setting, I have it set to 0 so I can use my card 0 to...
  2. B

    Quiting audio

    Dear peoples, I am new to OBS and livestreaming in general, so please be kind if this issue is easy to fix ;) During the pandemic I started doing livestream jobs for local businesses and sport teams together with someone. We started using the ATEM Mini Pro with the ATEM software. After having...
  3. Q

    Solved: High GPU usage with new Nvidia graphics card

    Hey guys, I changed to a new pc (i5 10400, Nvidia Geforce 3060). As soon as I opened OBS, GPU jumped to >20%, without any sources etc. added. On my older system its around <10% GPU usage in idle mode. As soon as I disabled the preview window, GPU usage jumped down to 5%. Solution: Go into...
  4. M

    Xbox Stream stutters - GPU upgrade ok?

    My Setup now is not the best: i5-2500k | Gtx 1050ti | 16gb ddr3 RAM the thing is, because i can not spend that much, i‘m not sure what i should upgrade first. My thoughts are to upgrade the GPU first, because i use the new NVENC to stream and have room for my CPU to do the rest. The Stream...
  5. L

    100% gpu when starting recording

    So basically when i hit start recording it automatically spikes up to 100% gpu
  6. jvmc

    FPS and frames (rendering and encoding, NOT INTERNET) dropping suddenly during transmission.

    The title is self-explanatory. The problem happens suddenly, after approximately 30min/1h30min of transmission, and, sometimes, it "corrects" itself. It usually lasts more than half an hour. Which is extremely annoying. I've tried everything. All possible configurations. Both output and video. I...
  7. F

    How to configure for NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 GPU?

    My work computer was optimized for graphics and streaming and has the following specs: CPU - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10700 CPU @ 2.90GHz GPU 0 - Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 GPU 1 - NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 This is for live church services and classical music concerts - so not a lot of movement...
  8. N

    Wysokie zarzucie GPU 40% RTX2070 w spoczynku

    Problem dotyczy wysokiego zużycia GPU podczas spoczynku. Scena to przechwytywanie ekranu oraz kamerka, karta jaka posiadam to RTX2070 a procesor to i9 9900k 4.9GHz. Jeszcze raz podkreślam ze wysokie zużycie mam w spoczynku. Nagrywam procesorem. Wydaje mi się ze pogląd bardzo obciąża... ale żeby...
  9. K

    GPU Maxing out 2080 ti GPU: 2080ti I am at random for the past month having a problem with obs randomly taking all of my GPU power and then my stream starts lagging and the only way for me to fix it is to close obs... I would also restart my pc just incase the most...
  10. A

    XPS 8300 (i7 - 2600 @ 3.40 GHz) Livestreaming @ 1080p and 60fps (450W PSU - 16GB RAM) - running windows 10

    Hi, I am trying to set up a livestreaming channel on Youtube and my current GPU(HD7770) does not encode and the live streaming is running on the processor, which makes it very slow. Is there a Video Card that you would suggest using for the XPS 8300? We do not have much on it (taking power)...
  11. O

    My obs doesn't detect my Nvidia GPU?

    This is my latest log hopefully this helps? I also dropped my crash report if anything can be helped please let me know asap!
  12. J

    Stutter every 5 seconds

    (OBS 26.0.2) HELP Stutter in both the Preview screen and Recordings/Streams. While stating 60fps both in-game and in OBS. every 5-6 seconds stutters/frame skips even while not Recording/Streaming or playing a game. -Windows 10/ Intel i7 CPU/ Nvidia GTX 1060sc GPU/ -Recording 1080p 60fps on...
  13. G

    Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated.

    I get the error posted in the title when trying to launch the 64-bit version of OBS, the 32 bit version launches just fine. I updated to 25.0.8 right before this happened. Error message: Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated...
  14. I

    Not supporting

    Hi earlier this year I had obs and it was running on my pc and when I went on obs later this year it said this (image shown is what it said) and I think thats complete bullcrap because it was running on my pc before [also any other streaming service I use also says that my pc is not supported]...
  15. D

    Mac CPU/GPU/memory usage that is safe enough to stream up to 2 hours?

    Hello, I'm a noob in OBS and I'm trying to stream a personal event using OBS. I'm not so sure if my mac can sustain streaming up to 2 hours. I wonder if anyone here can judge it based on specs/usage report below. Streaming setting Platform: A zoom meeting with 1080p HD, expecting more than...
  16. E

    Is my GPU sufficient?

    Hi all - I use OBS at home, and have need to screen capture at work today. I've dl'd OBS onto this machine which is running x64 Windows 7. I followed the instructions to also install / update two other general Windows things required. All said and done, when I try to launch OBS I get the...
  17. M

    High GPU usage after getting RTX

    Hello, I've a bit of an issue here, I had GTX 1060 6GB and didn't have any issues with OBS, the GPU usage at all time wasn't going over 1% to 2%, now after getting RTX 2070 Super the GPU usage jumped up to 40% to 60%, this happened to my friend as well which he had GTX 1070 Ti without any...
  18. E

    Bitrate problems please help!

    Got a quick question, I got a i5 7500 with an RX 580 with sufficient ram and such but my recordings and streams are either terrible quality or dropping frames for a whole second at times, what’s the bottleneck here? Before you immediately claim “i5 bad” it was a pretty decent quad core i5 when...
  19. P

    Running OBS StreamLabs on Windows boot camp, dropping frames.

    Hi everyone first post here and I’m getting in to game broadcasting. Iv been in to event broadcasting for a while so I feel fluent in programming optimal settings in most streaming software but Iv never used StreamLabs so I might be missing something. I’m running: 2018 Mac book pro with i7...
  20. G

    GPU overload, even with no sources in the scene

    Hi folks, I've been using OBS for a while on an older Win10 laptop, just upgraded to one with dual GPUs and now it won't really run properly at all. In task manager my Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 card is running at full pelt even with nothing happening in OBS. Log file is here...