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I've been streaming regularly for the past two weeks and I've had no issues whatsoever until recent updates (from 3 days ago or something) : the first one introduced this "an encoding error occurred while streaming" randomly happening when I stream, which I've never had before. It randomly happens from 10 minutes in, to like 3h in, purely at random. It doesn't crash my OBS but it kills the stream and the record button stays frozen on "stopping recording..." even though I don't record what I stream.
If I click it then OBS fully freezes and I have to force close in the the task manager (which I have to do anyway because when the bug happens, even after closing OBS the process is still there for some reason, and I can't click "start streaming" again).

And then the update from today which created another issue : OBS is using 20% of my GPU even when I'm not streaming, and I figured out it was due to the cameras (I'm using 3 at all times when streaming but never had issues before due to that) and it kills my in-game performance, again even when I'm not streaming.
The perfect example is in osu!, the game I stream : I have 0.47ms (stable) frametime when OBS is closed, and 1.4ms (unstable and that's with 1800+ fps which should yield way less frametime than that) when OBS is opened (even when not streaming) even though I've never had more than 0.8ms WHILE STREAMING since basically forever. I figured out after an hour of trying everything that it was due to webcams, as disabling them immediately brings back my in-game frametime to 0.54ms and GPU usage to like 2% instead of 20%.

I use NVENC (new) encoding, 6000Kb/s bitrate, 720p downscale at 60fps, max quality preset Psycho-visual tuning enabled.

It's important to note than changing any of these settings didn't yield any results regarding GPU usage. In fact I was streaming in 1080p 60fps with 8000Kb/s bitrate just 3 days ago and had no issues whatsoever.
I thought it might have been due to the new update changing the hardware accelerated decoding on the media source in the options, but I've always used that and if I disable it it literally kills my GPU (80% usage even without streaming), so that's not it.

CPU : i7 4790k
GPU : GTX1070

Please help.

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