encoding error

  1. I

    OBS Replay stops Randomly with "Unknown Error"

    The OBS Replay Function Works fine most of the time, however every 1 or 2 hours the recording crashes and cant be restarted until OBS is completely closed and reopened. This does not happen when sitting idly on the desktop. Apparently some kind of significant 3d accellerated workload is needed...
  2. K

    Stream crashes "An encoder error has occurred while streaming", can anyone help?

    Hello, I just got a new pc (cpu and gpu), I installed OBS and trying to stream, but after a bit of gaming, even after 30secs, stream crashes and error says "An encoder error has occurred while streaming". I have a lot of "Frames missed due to rendering lag" and "Skipped frames due to encoding...
  3. Speeter

    AMD Encoding failed.

    I tryed: Reinstalling Drivers, deleting Plugins, reinstalling FFMPEG Logs: https://obsproject.com/logs/aY9qPCpd-mpAZHq9 Error message: https://i.imgur.com/WAdLBgx.png Can anybody please help me?
  4. A

    OBS randomly crashing 'encoding error', log attached

    Recently my OBS started randomly crashing during streaming (and recording at the same time), never had this issue in the past years. Logs are attached, hoping somebody could elaborate or explain the issue.
  5. S

    Encoding Overloaded

    This occurs every time while recording VALORANT. My FPS in-game is stable at around 200 FPS, but as soon as I try to record the "Encoder Overloaded!" error pops up. I've tried switching from AVC to x264 but not much changes. I've also switched from mp4 to mkv but that doesn't help either. I am...

    Screen recording (no streaming) Video randomly freezes

    I've been using OBS to record youtube tutorials. I don't use any streaming, just for local recording. Consistently I've been experiencing that the videos will have spots about every 2-3 minutes where the video will freeze, audio continues, for 5-10 seconds and then resume. I've checked the...
  7. T

    Encoding errors after recording fine

    Recently I recorded a Dying Light 2 videos at some pretty beefy settings 2560x1440 90fps with no problems! Now upon my second time launching OBS and recording through display capture I am getting encoding errors and am unsure why. Here are my log reports...
  8. F

    OBS failing to stream/record due to a new encoding error

    Hello, I'm reletively new to the forums but have been having some issues with OBS lately and can't seem to find the source of my problem. I followed what other people did to fix similar issues, like reinstalling my Nvidia Drivers as well as a fresh install of OBS but haven't had any luck. I've...
  9. Oxandro

    Encoding source error while streaming (Only for genshin impact)

    I stream several games such as latest AAA games that are released to date, cyberpunk/watch dogs legion/days gone/RE Village/RDR2/cod warzone,ac valhalla etc All games are working fine when streaming, but only GENSHIN IMPACT which is very odd since my pc is very much overkill for this game, I...
  10. V

    Low CPU usage but dropping frames below 30 FPS

    I've tried every combination of settings and read all the forum posts I can here to troubleshoot, but I am totally stumped. Here is the last log file of the OBS recording that was going well for a few minutes around 5-10% CPU usage but this will happen for a bit and then the recording suddenly...
  11. I

    "Encoder Error: An error has occurred while streaming"

    For the past month I've been getting this error while streaming. The only way to resume streaming was to relaunch the program only to happen again. It started happening sometime after updating the OBS and Nvidia Driver. I also try re-installing the older graphic driver, but the problem...
  12. M

    OBS Encoding overloaded problem

    Hello everybody ! This is my first post about encoding overload error even after watching some of the videos on YouTube and other online sources, but nothing works! I mostly record the video of screen which can be as long as 30 minutes to 2 hours long. Also I would like to know why NVenc...
  13. TerrifiedPrinny

    Encoder Error while Streaming

    This past week, I've been encountering issues where my screen would black out during streaming and OBS would stop streaming and display the error message "Encoder Error while streaming" I've uploaded the logs and the aforementioned issue happens during 13:44:15.604 in the log file. I have a...
  14. M

    Laggy game and laggy recordings since one of the new updates (atleast i think so.)

    So this issue is very bad. It's forced me to use bandicam instead, however i do prefer obs for many reasons and would wish to go back. according to my logs 84% of my frames are skipped while i was testing my recordings on roblox. i have a ryzen 3 3200g with 16gb of 3200mhz ram, just a few weeks...
  15. R

    Obs encoding error

    Sometimes my OBS(Streamelements) gets an encoding error while streaming. PC still works, audio works fine, but my screen freezes and after some seconds and a short blackscreen everything just works fine, besides that i have to restart obs and the stream Log in the attachments ( i have no crash...
  16. 2

    OBS encoding overload causing PC to crash

    Issue with Recording in OBS. My specs: GPU 3080, CPU i9-9900k. My issue: Encoding overload error after countless settings changes and this encoding error freezes my game and PC becomes unresponsive and needs to be hard restarted by holding down power button on PC. I have been recording "Dead...
  17. D

    Help: "An Encoding Error Has Occurred"

    Hello, I'm an amateur streamer just trying to stream a game for me and a few close friends. OBS shows my consoles screen, and I can see it just fine and also connected my twitch account without any issue, but as soon as I click 'start streaming' OBS gives me an error saying "an encoding error...
  18. Coconut Brah

    My 3090 hates OBS?

    I am attempting to stream at 720p and have the option to record in 1080p. Pretty simple right? For whatever reason any time I record I either get encoding overload errors or when I drag my files into premiere the auto tracks are NOT lined up. What the heck? Also, I notice when I start...
  19. Vampor

    Cannot select Video-Adapter (2nd GPU)

    Hello there, So i wanted to use my 2nd gpu as an encoder for streaming on Streamlabs. In OBS it worked just fine, I could see my 2 GPUs as “video adapters” in the streaming settings, but in Streamlabs this option is greyed out. I can not select anything. The encoder is set to AMD, the 2nd...

    I keep getting the dreaded encoding fail, no matter what I set my settings on. Log Files included. Thank You for Any Help

    Hi I have been using OBS studio for a few years for djing and podcasting. I recently upgraded to an Elgato HD60 S + and I have been having problems getting my encoding to work for streaming games. I also have problems when I dj or podcast as well. These are the stats for my MacBook Pro, as well...