"Encoder Error: An error has occurred while streaming"

For the past month I've been getting this error while streaming. The only way to resume streaming was to relaunch the program only to happen again. It started happening sometime after updating the OBS and Nvidia Driver. I also try re-installing the older graphic driver, but the problem persisted. Also tried closing some of the programs I used to run while streaming and still nothing. I also tried decreasing the FPS and bitrate and still the same. I'm not exactly sure what to do. Please help.


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This issue keeps on happening to me too! I have uninstalled GPU drivers and I have uninstall OBS multiple times and it keeps on happening "encoding Error: An error has occurred while streaming". I have a RTX3070 and I am only using the PC to stream and record as I am playing on a PS5. With this graphics card I should not be having this problem. Here is my log: https://obsproject.com/logs/uDxM1l65EdWik2nT. Can someone please help?