Encoding source error while streaming (Only for genshin impact)


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I stream several games such as latest AAA games that are released to date, cyberpunk/watch dogs legion/days gone/RE Village/RDR2/cod warzone,ac valhalla etc

All games are working fine when streaming, but only GENSHIN IMPACT which is very odd since my pc is very much overkill for this game, I always get encoding source error. I have tried all options, Game capture, display capture, window capture. I also tried playing in fullscreen and window mode, I also did repair files and run as admin on both genshin and obs yet i still get the error. Is this genshins problem already?

My issue with genshin impact only started this week, i have been playing it since last year, nothing has changed in my hardware.

This also happens in Streamlabs OBS too and only for genshin as well.

PC Specs

Ryzen 9 5950X
RTX 3090
64GB 3600 RAM

Stock / no overclocking.

download : 250mb
upload : 100-150mb

Here are my recent log files

Please help me. Thank you so much and God bless admin!


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