encoding error while streaming

  1. H

    Encoding overload - was never an issue until about 2 months ago?

    As title says, I have only just recently run into this problem where I get notified by OBS that I have run into an encoding issue, none of my settings have changed and my hardware is fairly beefy, but it usually happens when switching scenes, sometimes it happens at random while I'm on any given...
  2. M


    So about 7-8 min into my stream (usually COD Warzone) I get an encoding error " NVENC Error : get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLoclBitstre am(s, &lock)failed: 4 (NV_ENC_INVALID_DEVICE) " or just a basic " An encoding error occurred while srteaming" I monitored my CPU and GPU while doing test streams...
  3. M

    Encoding Error: what does it mean?

    Hi everyone. Recently started getting this encoding error with OBS Studio randomly after the most recent GeForce update. It doesn’t happen immediately while streaming but often 3-4 hours into a twitch stream with no previous issues or warnings that it’s going to happen. It cuts my entire stream...
  4. A

    OBS randomly crashing 'encoding error', log attached

    Recently my OBS started randomly crashing during streaming (and recording at the same time), never had this issue in the past years. Logs are attached, hoping somebody could elaborate or explain the issue.
  5. F

    OBS failing to stream/record due to a new encoding error

    Hello, I'm reletively new to the forums but have been having some issues with OBS lately and can't seem to find the source of my problem. I followed what other people did to fix similar issues, like reinstalling my Nvidia Drivers as well as a fresh install of OBS but haven't had any luck. I've...
  6. Oxandro

    Encoding source error while streaming (Only for genshin impact)

    I stream several games such as latest AAA games that are released to date, cyberpunk/watch dogs legion/days gone/RE Village/RDR2/cod warzone,ac valhalla etc All games are working fine when streaming, but only GENSHIN IMPACT which is very odd since my pc is very much overkill for this game, I...