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So about 7-8 min into my stream (usually COD Warzone) I get an encoding error " NVENC Error : get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLoclBitstre am(s, &lock)failed: 4 (NV_ENC_INVALID_DEVICE) " or just a basic " An encoding error occurred while srteaming" I monitored my CPU and GPU while doing test streams and adding/removing different sources, settings, using different resolutions and installing/using different plugins/encoders while having different programs running/closed that use any audio, visual, or any resources at all and issue still persists. I've been getting the issue fairly recently after using Voicemeeter Banana to separate audio in VOD to prevent DCMA strikes/muted streams for music (iTunes) but I uninstalled VM and started trying the new application audio capture feature in the new OBS ver. 28 but the issue still persists with or without a separate audio capture even being used. I've played with the bit rate and watched hours of youtube digging and using different settings. Ive matched the frequency of all the audio in all devices/ outputs and have kept everything the same for the last couple years of streaming but even a fresh install of windows didn't fix the issue. Based on the log files and some research I've done I've noticed it may be an audio issue but based on the exact error message it may be a GPU thing. Ive attached some log files if anyone can point something out or see something i cant that'd be great

System Specs
intel i7-10700kf
GTX 1060 6GB
16gb 3200 mhz RAM


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