Encoding Error: what does it mean?


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Hi everyone. Recently started getting this encoding error with OBS Studio randomly after the most recent GeForce update. It doesn’t happen immediately while streaming but often 3-4 hours into a twitch stream with no previous issues or warnings that it’s going to happen. It cuts my entire stream off and takes me 1-2 minutes to go live again because of it.

For reference, I stream NVENC with an RTX 3070 and my actual build is a Ryzen 9 3900x with 64GB of RAM. I have never had issues before until last week. I always output to twitch with a 6000 bit rate at 1080x60fps and this specifically happened during a play through of Red Dead Redemption 2. Just wondering what this error means because googling it seems to pull no identical results.

"NVENC Error: get_encoded_packet: nv.nvEncLockBitstream(s, &lock)failed: 8 (nv_enc_err_invalid_param)"

Thank you in advance!



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Are you using custom params for the encoder?
Log file?

Also could be an error in the encoder itself (nVidia driver) and needs to be reinstalled / clean reinstalled.