Screen recording (no streaming) Video randomly freezes


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I've been using OBS to record youtube tutorials. I don't use any streaming, just for local recording.

Consistently I've been experiencing that the videos will have spots about every 2-3 minutes where the video will freeze, audio continues, for 5-10 seconds and then resume.

I've checked the logs and am not sure how to resolve the issues.

Typically I record while hooked up to an external monitor but have tested just on my laptop and still the same issue arises.

My specs:
MBP 2016 (maxed out)
2.9 GHz i7 cpu
16 gb ram
Radeon Pro 460 internal dedicated GFX

Here are a few recent logs


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Also whats odd, is that if I use a program like Screen flow, I can record 5k at 60fps while running figma and after effects without any issues. I feel like the laptop should be able to handle OBS as well ‍♂️