local file


    Screen recording (no streaming) Video randomly freezes

    I've been using OBS to record youtube tutorials. I don't use any streaming, just for local recording. Consistently I've been experiencing that the videos will have spots about every 2-3 minutes where the video will freeze, audio continues, for 5-10 seconds and then resume. I've checked the...
  2. Vaesive

    OBS cannot access local files from local HTML JavaScript

    I cannot for the life of me get OBS to show a simple HTML file with some JavaScript that reads from a local txt file in the same directory that the html file lives. Everything works fine with Firefox and Chrome with no console or JS errors. Things I've tried: Adding...
  3. D

    Bug Report m3u8 format not working

    Hello! I'm trying to record in m3u8 format but at 1:17 the recording stops for some reason. Then you can't stop OBS completely by pressing the stop recording button unless I remove it from the task manager. What makes this possible? All at exactly 1:17. There are 1 m3u8 file and 41 .ts...
  4. R

    Question / Help Local MOVs don't restart playback even with option checked

    Hi there, I'm a relatively new OBS user and I'm already loving it. I have two local files that I have set to scenes, one as a beginning card and one as an ending card for my live videos. They are MOV files and I have these options selected: Loop Restart playback when source becomes active I do...
  5. lmstearn

    Question / Help Saving an Edited Local File

    Hi there, The way I am approaching this may not be exactly standard, so if this has been asked before, the search methods are wanting. Suppose a video file on local disk is loaded into OBS and modified in some way- in this case easy crop. After performing the edit, OBS does not prompt to save on...