Question / Help Local MOVs don't restart playback even with option checked


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Hi there, I'm a relatively new OBS user and I'm already loving it. I have two local files that I have set to scenes, one as a beginning card and one as an ending card for my live videos. They are MOV files and I have these options selected:
  • Loop
  • Restart playback when source becomes active
I do not select "Show nothing when playback ends" or "Close file when inactive". Whenever I come to them, they are frozen for the most part. They remain frozen until I double click the media source or hit the cog for the preferences. I don't even have to change anything, I hit okay, then it begins looping just fine. I can go back later and it won't start playing.
The videos are QuickTime MOV files in the standard ProRes 422 codec. Will an .mp4 in H264 run better and load each time?
The speed is playing 100% with auto YUV. I hope somebody can help. I am running this on a Macbook running 10.13.6 and my OBS is on 23.2.1.