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I'm trying to record in m3u8 format but at 1:17 the recording stops for some reason. Then you can't stop OBS completely by pressing the stop recording button unless I remove it from the task manager. What makes this possible? All at exactly 1:17. There are 1 m3u8 file and 41 .ts extension files and no more will be created.


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OBS start, and start recording, I'll wait a few minutes, and stop recording and upload current llogfile.

I press stop recording button (8 times)... Dont working.... Only m3u8 format 1 mind 37 seconds after recording

obs close button, not stop OBS...

process freez...

Restart obs, and upload last logfile


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Has any progress been made on this?

I recently had to update OBS from version 21 to 25 in order to use the iPhone's OBS Camera app, but the update DESTROYED my ability to stream over a local network via the record button.

I have it set up to hit "Start Streaming" to send our feed to YouTube & Facebook, and "Start Recording" would record an m3u8 file to my web server within the building, so other TVs on the property could access the feed via VLC. (raspberry pi's running a scripted command "vlc http://hostname/.../stream.m3u8")

My issues are IDENTICAL (aside from the 1:17 timestamp) to what the OP said in his first post on this thread. I've messed with all sorts of settings but can't get this working the way it did before the update. I feel like something in OBS's File I/O got messed up in an update, at least when it comes to the m3u8 format.

I know it's a really unusual use-case (most people just stream to a private RTMP server), but I don't have that option. I just want a once functional feature to work again.
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