OBS Encoding overloaded problem


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Hello everybody !

This is my first post about encoding overload error even after watching some of the videos on YouTube and other online sources, but nothing works!
I mostly record the video of screen which can be as long as 30 minutes to 2 hours long.

Also I would like to know why NVenc encoder not working, even though it is up to date. However, I've seen some videos on Youtube that suggest to select x264 encoder instead which is NOT the solution from my perspective.

Therefore, I come here and looking for help if somebody has the concrete solution for the same.
I attached the log file and few screen shots to understand better.


PS.: I tried the x264 encoder and still throws an error of encoder overloading, even though I have enough memory of 6GB RAM and more than 70GB of free space on my disk (using SSD).

OBS error.png
OBS NVenc Settings.png


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