1. A

    looking to set up live stream using video camera and web cam

    Hi All New to this. And looking for support and to learn. I have a Tapo TC 70 camera I am looking to set up for live streaming. I have a VLC media player downloaded which the camera can stream through but I cannot get it to come through OBS I also have a Webcam looking to set up for...
  2. T

    Same Webcam ratio for Video Meetings without trimmed edges - How?

    Hello I am facing the issue in Google Meets and all the other video tools that my edges are trimmed. I really need to make sure that the edges are not cut off and that my image remains the same proportion regardless of whether the customer makes the browser window bigger or smaller or if he...
  3. V

    Webcam won’t work with my capture card

    So I have an issue where my webcam doesn’t wanna work with my capture card. The capture card works perfectly fine (after a week of struggle) and now my webcam doesn’t want to work at ALL. I made sure their on different hubs or whatever and it still don’t wanna work I just wanna stream bro
  4. Vclceaglesfly

    Using 2 cameras from EOS webcam utility pro

    I am trying to use 2 different canon cameras in OBS. I use the Canon EOS webcam utility pro app and have a subscription to use multiple cameras and scenes and name each one. However, in OBS when choosing a video capture device it does not give me more than one option from Utility Pro like some...
  5. AmagiSakuya

    Capture 4K video lag through OBS Webcam

    I suspect that this issue is caused by the video renderer. When I open the webcam capture in PotPlayer and set the renderer to Direct3D 11, I experience stuttering just like in OBS. However, if I use Direct3D 9 or other video renderers in PotPlayer, the video becomes very smooth, and the latency...
  6. S

    Can't apply a round mask to a webcam video

    Good afternoon. Tried to apply a circle mask to a webcam video today. Judging by the tutorials, everything is very simple, but nothing happens to me. The video remains the same shape. I have HDR disabled in the Windows settings and in the settings of the monitor itself. I am attaching the OBS...
  7. I

    Issues with Window Capture & the Webcam

    Hi, everyone. I have been using a capture card to record gameplay from my Swittch and PS5 and whenever I do my cam shows up just fine. Today, for the first time, I tried to use window capture. The window showed up just fine in OBS, perfect quality, but my cam would not show up whenever I was...
  8. Q

    webcam setup

    hello, do you know how to change the default values of the webcam configuration? For exposure for example, automation is always checked and always at -6 Thank you very much
  9. PlayerL3478

    Free (With Signup) Face changer - Webcam + effects

    Steps 1. Go to 2. Click "Try it out" 3. Download this file: Extension script.sb3 4. Go to scratch lab tab 5. Click "file" and then click "load from computer" 6. Locate the downloaded file and open it 7. On the right corner you see "a bigger button" click on...
  10. D

    video capture device crash

    after i update cpu, gpu and window to window 11 the video capture device always crash. i try use vmix for checking the webcam it working
  11. Y

    Abrir mas de 2 cámaras web a la vez para transmisión en vivo.

    Hola tengo un podcas con amigos, todo bajo presupuesto, compramos 6 cámaras 4k Usb Emeet s600, buena calidad precio, el problema es que solo puedo abrir 2 cada vez, no me permite tener visibles las 4 o las 6 al mimo tiempo, si pongo otras fuentes las reconoce y no pasa nada, pero de la misma...
  12. R

    OBS virtual webcam lags Zoom

    Hello, im using Zoom with OBS at university, but for some reason when i turn on camera it starts to lag and freezes eventually, leaving me to turn off the app. However it is not the real webcam that lags the Zoom, it's a virtual OBS camera with that blue background and logo that does lag the...
  13. Z

    OBS not showing my webcams video

    Despite countless fixes and attempts at reinstalling. My webcam has suddenly stoped showing video on obs. Let me run through some of the fixes i have tried. Switching USB ports, checking deferent scenes and making sure it is only active on 1, Checking my antivirus sofware and privacy setting to...
  14. C

    Sony ZV-1

    I couldnt find anything on this but I have a Sony ZV-1 and had it working for several months with no issues, even worked well yesterday. Suddenly today when I start OBS its not showing my webcam, I didnt change anything. Has this happened to anyone else? Any ideas on how to fix?
  15. F

    How make a stream with 6 webcam

    Hi. I need to connect 6 webcams to stream with OBS. The cameras are Logitech Brio 4K. Does anyone have any idea how to make them work since it doesn't detect them all? When they connect there is lag and if it is with a USB Hub, not all of them connect.
  16. D

    Can't find the 60fps setting for my webcam

    Hi, I've just bought hikvision ds-ul2 webcam that has 60fps framerate, but when I try to set the framerate, the maximum fps i can choose is just 30fps. Do I have to check or set anything else more? Thanks in advanced.
  17. D

    MacBook built-in camera not working after opening OBS

    I am using a MacBook Pro early 2015 running macOS Monterey. Every time I open OBS it doesn't recognize my built-in webcam as a source and then any program I've got on my Mac can't recognize it, for example: I open OBS, then I open FaceTime and it says "No camera available". Nothing changes if I...
  18. N

    High GPU usage using a shader filter with newer nvidia drivers

    So I have been messing with trying to locate the source of high GPU usage when I have OBS open. It started after I updated my nVidia drivers. I found that rolling them back to old ones from February will fix the problem. However I dug deeper and found that the main issue seems to be the shader I...
  19. V

    The webcam doesn't work

    I don't know why, but the photocamera for my computer doesn't work. I use it as a webcam when I have to record certain videos, but today, it has been very unstable. It doesn't work properly and freezes whenever it turns on. I first noticed it on OBS, and it doesn't work with the photocamera...
  20. 5opka

    how disguise OBS virtual camera as a webcam

    как заставить сайт думать, что запись ведется через обычную веб-камеру, и возможно ли это?