1. D

    webcam setup

    Hello, how to set up the camera? On Windows, you can change the brightness, contrast, white balance, etc. How to set up the same thing only on a macbook?
  2. FlyingFathead

    OBS Lua WebcamReload: Fix webcam or other USB video device freezes

    -- WebcamReload v1.1 -- A simple Lua script to reload your OBS Studio video source (webcam, other UVC sources...) every x minutes. -- From FlyingFathead ( -- For years, OBS has had a problem where UVC video sources (such as USB webcams) are freezing up...
  3. djquartz

    Logitech C270 Camera not working (Win10)

    I've been having a problem where my C270 will not working in obs. If I uninstall via device manager and redetect it will start working intermittently. Sometimes when I shut down obs and relaunch it will work intermittently. However, it works 100% in the Win10 camera app. It's the only camera...
  4. kr8zY

    Webcam with no autofocus/manual focus

    My webcam doesn't have autofocus, and when I see the manual focus, I can't change it. Is there any plugin or anyway to manually modify focus?
  5. paradoxiom

    Capture only the game, not my webcam when recording.

    I tried that tool, I can't even remember the name of it now, but you set a filter on the webcam or something and well, it worked, my stream showed the game + webcam, and the recordings showed only the game, but the recordings were terrible quality. Can anyone help me out? Than kyou
  6. O

    OBS crashes and webcam issues when on a computer with an SSD.

    Hi all. My old computer was MUCH weaker than this current one but ran OBS relatively well, ditto for the even weaker laptop I used for a while. Now I'm on a much stronger machine with an SSD and all of a sudden, OBS regularly "disconnects" from my webcam (it is still connected to my machine but...
  7. C


    Guys, Can anyone help me fix this? It's important as I'm creating content on Omegle. I connected a virtual webcam for Omegle through OBS, but My video On Omegle has a wide range but not a full screen. I've tried changing the aspect ratio, but Nothing happened. Before It was right, but when I...
  8. Spanisch24

    maximize a browser source - webcam video automatically

    I got several scenes where I want to show areas of Majorca where I live, so I show webcams like this one: Alaró (this is how I want it to appear) or that one: Paguera (this happens with most webcams) and many more... but I want just the full screen cam view, not anything around it. Whenever I...
  9. E

    Videoaufnahme rückt automatisch in den Hintergrund

    Hallo, habe gestern Obs installiert und versucht auf Twitsch zu streamen. Ich habe mein Spiel ( League of Legends) über Fensteraufnahme gestreamt. Dann wollte ich meine Webcam über Videoaufnahme zeitgleich streamen. Aber die Videoaufnahme rückt automatisch in den Hintergrund und lässt sich nicht...
  10. kayyum

    My FPS rate drops as I increase video source camera resolution

    I have a Logitech C310 720p 30FPS(official specifications) webcam connected as a video source to the OBS. However; I'm unable to enjoy my camera at those specifications in the OBS app. In the properties section of my device in OBS, there is no option for higher frame-rates when a high resolution...
  11. W

    ؟؟؟؟؟Change the size of the webcam while talking ؟؟؟؟؟؟

    I want to use two webcams and each of the webcams from which the sound came will be larger. Is there such a feature?
  12. H

    Adding or Modifying Video Capture Device causes crash

    Hi, I'm currently trying to help my friend troubleshoot an issue he has been having specific to the new NVIDIA drivers since 526.47 and the new 526.86. I haven't seen too many people with similar issues so I figured I would ask here to see if anyone else has experienced this issue or has a...
  13. R

    Jittery video from USB-C camera when recording

    I have OBS set-up with a Sony A7III via USB-C (using Sony's imaging edge software to enable USB based webcam feature). I also have my screen being recorded. My screen looks great when screensharing, but my camera seems to be skipping frames, it's very jittery. I'm recording in 30fps and brought...
  14. B

    OBS and Multiple Webcams Issue

    I never had an issues with my webcams capture into my scenes, but yesterday only one(at most) would display. Moving to different scene collections results were different. Running latest OBS 28.03 Checking the camera app both camera are stable and functional. I have tried: Restarting OBS...
  15. M

    webcam lag

    hi, i have 4 webcam and 2 of them are very lagged (not always the same 2). 3 of them are the same model. what could be happening? i'm on debian based distro. thanks :)
  16. M

    4 webcam + 2 monitors - wich videocard ?

    hi, i have 4 usb webcams, and i want to add a second monitor. i'm using a debian based distro. wich videocard you recomend? it will help working better? or i need something else? it gets kind of miswork when i add a transparent png for background and a mov(quicktime) for displaying tittles like...
  17. N

    Logitech C920 Pro cam configuration does not remain registered when the pc is restarted

    Hi I realized that using the Logitech C920 pro cam the configuration do not remain if I restart the computer, I have to use a Logitech app to be able to leave the parameters as I set them, I wonder if this is happening to you too with OBS 28 thanks
  18. D

    Chroma/Luma noise reduction filter

    As the title says, this kind of plugin on the video filters would be helpful and needed. I do see often that some cheaper/older webcams are prone for introducing a lot of chroma noise that is impossible to get rid of. There is plugins like these for video editors, so I bet that there is...
  19. G

    Samsung NX200 as Webcam

    My Samsung NX200 mirrorless DSLR outputs the camera menu and photos/videos to OBS, but I can't get a live feed to use it as a webcam. My path is camera's mini hdmi-->capture card--> USB on PC Windows 10. I've run out of ideas, and any help would be appreciated to get it to work as webcam...
  20. btt1

    does not recognize the camera when turning on the computer (after deleting the obs)

    I downloaded the obs because I wasn't able to zoom in on my webcam. I watched tutorials because I wanted to make video calls and downloaded a virtual cam. After installing, I saw that it did not solve my problem and I uninstalled the obs. Every time I entered a video call platform (meet) an obs...