OBS not showing my webcams video


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Despite countless fixes and attempts at reinstalling. My webcam has suddenly stoped showing video on obs. Let me run through some of the fixes i have tried.

Switching USB ports, checking deferent scenes and making sure it is only active on 1, Checking my antivirus sofware and privacy setting to make sure the app has permission. (But not that obs does NOT show up in my windows settings list). Just to name a few. and yes i have tried restarting my pc.

When i click the webcam source all that happens is a little red line pops up at the top of the screen and it is unclickable or draggable.

I have set the resolution frame rate and format several times.

I tested to see that the webcam works on other apps like the camera and in chrome tabs on sites such as webcam test and restream.

This is a brand new camera. (Logitech C920) and the problem was accruing with my old camera also (no name brand camera)

If anyone has any idea what i can do please help.

other contacts for me - Discord - callmejay_


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