webcam black screen

  1. K

    AnkerWork B600 Video Bar

    I just picked up this rather new 2K cam with a built in light. Thought it would work well with webcasts. However when I tried to add it under the Video Capture Tool like I have done with my other webcams, I just get a black screen. Maybe it has to do with it running its own software...
  2. C

    Webcam feed fails under Windows 11

    Hi, I have the following issue after upgrading my PC from Windows 10 to 11: OBS Studio sometimes does not recognize the webcam feed (black screen); when this happens: * no other program is using the webcam * the webcam is functioning (closing OBS and starting a different program, e.g...
  3. Kiyo

    webcam and virtual camera problem

    well, my camera doesnt want to work with OBS. it just shows a black screen and nothing else Same thing with OBS Virtual Camera please help i tried reinstalling obs, restarting system and re-plugging the camera the camera works just fine on other apps sorry for bad english, im form poland.
  4. markdj66

    Problemi acquisizione web cam

    Buongiorno a tutti ho un problema con acquisizione web cam , passo troppi minuti per risolvere il problema e sempre in modo casuale. Descrizione PC OBS ultima versione 12 0 1 caratteristiche del mio PC Desk -- Desk Windows 10Pro - Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz 3.20 GHz - 8GB - 64Bit...
  5. D

    Webcam freeze/black screen

    Hello, I have a Microsoft LifeCam and I am currently on 28.0.1 and the webcam keeps freezing, black screeening, or flat out crashing obs. I have tried turning it into high performance on the graphic settings, tried running OBS as administrator, tried deleting it from all scenes and making only...