1. B

    HELP: Why the Heck Is OBS Virtual Camera Showing up As WebCam??

    Very recently, I purchased a new Dell Micro PC with Windows 10 Pro. I've a Logitech C920 WebCam Pro that worked fine on my Windows 10 Home laptop and it was doing fine on this system. Then, I installed OBS Studio to record videos and do some livestreaming. My system is an i7 PC with 16GB of Ram...
  2. R

    Webcam and Media Sources (High GPU % Usage) "HELP"

    Ok, so the problem I'm encountering is that when I have my "Webcam" and "Media Source (my overlay)" enabled, its starts chowing my GPU percentage indicated in the below image. I've read up quite a bit about it and I know why, because it needs to render frames etc etc. I want to know if there is...
  3. C

    Virtual Webcam not Activating on Scene Switch

    I am currently trying to create a series of scenes featuring a FaceRig virtual webcam input. each scenes needs the v-cam to have different colour correction and cropping, and so I have created multiple sources using the same webcam. As Facerig only creates one output, I have each instance set to...
  4. K

    Blurry image when setting Logitech C922 Pro to 1280x720?

    Just upgraded to a Logitech C922 camera because my previous one was stuck at 30fps. I got the new one hooked up and added it as a video capture device. Everything was good so far, running at 60fps but was defaulted to 4:3 for some reason. I went into the properties and set the device's...
  5. P

    Blurry Webcam Recording

    Hello, i'm kind of new to this. anyway my webcam works great in other applications but when i try to record in OBS it is blurry. The game capture however is not and i've tried a million different things. focus and other things are greyed out and i don't have access to it. any help would be...
  6. J

    My webcam doesn't work in more than one scene

    Hi, I've been having problems recently with my new webcam. It doesn't work in more than one scene! The only way I could make it work was copying and pasting her font. Does anyone have any solutions?
  7. Kaduh15

    webcam ruim no obs mas no meet otima!

    alguem pode me ajudar? quando coloco uma câmera diretamente no obs ela fica com uma qualidade ruim e travando (já estava achando que era uma porcaria uma câmera), mas quando fui fazer uma raunião no google conheceu ela ficou 10 vezes melhor. atualmente estou abrindo uma reunião no meet e...
  8. dev47

    DroidCam OBS Camera 1.6.0

    The DroidCam OBS plugin + app let you connect your phone and get high quality audio & video directly into OBS Studio, just like a camera source. Free unlimited usage at standard definition (480p), including sound and picture. Connect as many devices as you want, via WiFi or USB. Pro upgrade...
  9. M

    Mac M1 Big Sur with OBS 26.1.2 - Keeps Dumping Webcam after 1 minute

    Hi All, Not sure if anyone else is experiencing this issue. I have a brand new 13" Macbook Pro M1 running Big Sur 11.2.3 I use OBS to stream live dj sets. I set up the webcams in OBS, they are working and once I hit 'Start Streaming' the webcams stop working within 1 minute. I have tried 3...
  10. J

    Intel realsense sr300 not working///Heeelp!!

    hi i have a realsense sr300 built into a Lenovo x24pro monitor and a tower with an I5-8400 with WIN10. the fact is that from the beginning it does not recognize the camera, the speakers and microphone do work, but after a few days and having the need to use a camera, buy a cheap one and...
  11. Some_OBS_User

    Disable webcam when not in use

    I usually keep OBS always running, and the problem is it's always using the webcam (the webcam indicator goes green all the time and the webcam becomes warm), even when the source is hidden or I've switched to another scene. The only way to disable the webcam is to remove the source or the scene...
  12. K

  13. M

    pourquoi ma Webcam est en noir et blanc ?

    Bonjour, j'ai installer OBS studio il y a 2 jour et donc j'ai tout paramétrer a ma manière sauf que dès le début, ma webcam est afficher en noir et blanc, même quand je film etc., j'ai tout essayer mais je n'y arrive pas a enlever, ce n'est pas ma webcam car sur l'appareil photo de mon...
  14. T

    Using a webcam I see two different views one is a close up and one is wide after windows update

    After a Windows update today I am seeing odd results in the image that is being displayed. The main video page the one that has sources, audio, scene transtions and controls has a close up that is not where the webcam is pointing. Under sources, if I click on the video capture device that is...
  15. M

    Will this help me keep Chrome from changing webcam properties?

    I have a Logitech USB webcam. On Zoom and Skype, it's set correctly to just show my face. Today, I joined some sort of browser teleconference platform (in Chrome) and the camera was showing the whole room (much wider than normal). I couldn't figure out how to set it back; I tried a Camera...
  16. A

    Webcam properties not ajustable

    My webcam has auto exposure. I simply got annoyed by that and i decided to turn off the auto exposure. i clicked apply and OK, it does nothing. I tried to change the brightness, contrast and everthing - still doesn't changing anything! It just stuck there forever!
  17. Avedia

    Frequent Crashing and Camera doesn't want to pick up sound or show in scenes

    Hey I've been having lots of camera issues with OBS lately. I'm using the 20.1.3 version. It started to crash a lot recently too. Can anyone help?
  18. P

    Webcam causing popping/static noise in my headset

    Hello, I tried a lot of fixes found in previous posts but none worked for me so I'm making a thread myself. I recently got a webcam and added it to my scenes (that had no static noise issue before that) and ever since I hear a very annoying popping/static noise in my headset. The noise only...
  19. N

    USB Video Camera Audio

    Hi, First post, first thread, 7 days of OBS and connecting cameras - be kind ... So, I'm needing a webcam that allows external mic input. I bought a cheapy (80 Euros) on Amazon, connects via USB, video no problem. But doesn't seem to be sending any audio to OBS Studio - audio bar is there but...
  20. V

    Minha Web-Cam não esta funcionando junto com a minha placa de captura, e vice-versa.

    Já tentei de tudo, e esta sendo frustrante. Simplesmente se eu adicionar a web-cam como novo dispositivo de captura, a placa não é reconhecida, e isso acontece seu eu tentar a placa primeiro, ou seja, ambos não estão funcionando junto, e foi do nada isso. Quero uma ajuda! Obrigado.