Webcam & Capture Card Flickering


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Looking for some help with my Webcam & Capture Card flickering.
I just upgraded from a 2070 Super to a 3080Ti GPU. I know for a fact I am currently being bottlenecked at 20% or so with my CPU currently but I don't think it would cause this issue I am having. I currently run a 850W Power Supply as well so it shouldnt be a power issue.

Here is a video showing what my current issue is. You can see on the left side my capture card is for some reason offset a little bit on the left side of the screen but it then corrects itself. Video Here. The webcam you can see it flickering & glitching constantly. They both do this when I am NOT streaming. I have updated the drivers for the capture card and webcam. If I disable it and reenable it, it will run smoothly for a little bit then do it again randomly. Anyone have fix ideas for this?


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what capture cards are you using? Both of my Elgato Cards ( Camlink Pro / Game Capture 1080 both internal) are doing this same thing and i'm running a Geforce RTX 3080