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  1. OWN3D

    How to stream on Twitch with OBS Studio

    1 Introduction In 2021, talking about streaming means talking about OBS Studio and Twitch. For years, Amazon's streaming platform has been the #1 in the world. And, yes, most streamers, both professionals and amateurs, use the same OBS software. Undoubtedly, OBS Studio is the most used program...
  2. S

    Regarding installing media controls to my mac 10.12. 6 sierra for OBS Studio

    hi I tried installing media controls from this link https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/media-controls.1032/download for my mac. It got downloaded but it was downloaded as an installer packaged file and I tried to unpack it doesn't work, I don't know how to do that installation. Kindly guide...
  3. T

    OBS Studio crashes randomly during every stream this past month

    I have no idea why but for some reason my OBS studio, my game I'm playing, Spotify, and discord ALL crash at the same time. This has been happening for the past 2 weeks now and it's extremely frustrating because it's completely random when it happens. I could be streaming for 4 hours or 20...
  4. S

    OBS Studio I Need Streaming Help

    I have two PC's. One where I game and one I want to use to stream. I have been attempting to get decent streaming quality using a multitude of settings; however, my CPU is always topping off. On both 1080p and 720p 60fps resolutions, the CPU hits approximately 60-90% usage on OBS Studio alone...
  5. K

    OBS Studio weird crash after a while with some games? (idk even know anymore)

    Hello, I have had this problem with squad first and today it happened with pubg as well. Obs does fine with easier games but apparently with heavy games it does some weird crash. It also doesn't happen instantly in squad or pubg, it usually takes a bit of playing and then it just eats my gpu to...
  6. erniequintero

    OBS STUDIO randomly gets not responding and stops the streaming.-

    Hi, I start having random OBS Studion not responding while streaming. I gather the logs but not sure what to look for to get the right point to view and fix it. I hope someone can take a look on my logs and see if there is anything that could cause it. Also I have lionardboard not sure if there...
  7. J

    OBS Studio Lag; Please Help

    I use OBS Studio to record on my switch, and games from my laptop. When I record on my switch with a capture card its lags a lot. I thought there was a problem with my capture card and was ready to by a new one but then I started screen recording on my laptop and its the same thing. It would...
  8. SnappyTeam

    Free Snap - Grab Current Song From Media Players

    Ever noticed how sadly Snip by dlrudie doesn't support Winamp, FooBar2000, or even VLC Media Player? What if you wanted to use these media players instead? Well this is where Snap comes into play. Inspired by Snip (but doesn't use any source-code from them!) we created a program to do just...
  9. andrewjt19

    Camera Input Freezes

    Hello, I'm not very learned in OBS and truth be told I'm a novice at streaming. I have set up a computer for our church for streaming based upon YouTube videos and this forum as guides. I'm running into an issue I can't seem to fix. I have a log which I'll attach and hopefully the error...
  10. Z

    OBS Studio Gamecapture Blackscreen

    Hey Guys, i want to stream. I used the Twitch Studio App and it was perfekt but its just a beta and you cant to that much with it. So i decided to download OBS Studio and now i have a problem if i want to capure a game it just show me a Blackscreen. If i want to caputure my Monitore it works...
  11. W

    Auto-Select Scene and Auto-End Stream

    Hi, Is there a way to automatically select a scene at the start of the stream? And, is there a way to automatically end a stream after selecting scene? Thank you.
  12. T

    CamLink just stopped being recognised in OBS Studio

    As of today, my CamLink just stopped being recognised in OBS Studio 26.0.2 (64bit). It's still working in Discord, Elgato 4k Capture Utility etc. Only in OBS Studio it's not being recognised. I even deleted the source and added it again: Still not working. Since yesterday I haven't changed...
  13. D

    Regarding the OBS Studio Discord

    Hey guys, I tried posting on the subreddit, but it was deleted. Sometime back in March/April of this year, I ended up getting kicked out of the OBS Studio Discord. I was struggling with depression, anxiety (still am) but also the combination of the Covid-19 and just dealing with a lot at the...
  14. L

    [Help] How to fix CPU Encoder Overload

    So I've been tweaking settings on OBS in everyway I could possibly understand, following guides, threads, FAQs and anything I could find on the forums, Reddit and Youtube to get the best 1080/60fps recording I could. My log file analysis (https://obsproject.com/logs/4Qlq1jGX33_OA2K0) tells me I...
  15. G

    how can you make pitches synchronized ?

    how can you make pitches synchronized ?
  16. T

    Black skills, minions, even with the sky?!

    Hello, this is my first time posting on this forum! Can anyone tell me what's going on and how to fix this? This problem has ruined my stream/recording by a lot :( A real footage from OBS Studio Another real footage from OBS Studio :3
  17. thedangerbeard

    OBS crashes when trying to "remove" anything (ie filters, source, scene)

    Howdy, I've been kind of ignoring this issue for a few months because the thought of troubleshooting has been daunting, but I've now spent most of the day uninstalling/reinstalling/updating plugins and whatnot in trying to find the root cause of what's making OBS crash consistently when...
  18. T

    OBS Studio - audio plugins didnt run

    Hello... i have a little problem.. i install some audio plugins from one video, and when i try to load it into obs, i cant "open plug-in interface".. that button just didnt work.. i see plugins, i can run plugins (with fl studio), obs see plugins, but cant open it... other external plugins work...
  19. S

    Saving footage separately while streaming through OBS

    Hi! I'm pretty new to OBS and streaming and I'm trying to figure out how to do something. When I do art streams I have a one camera filming me, and one filming my art. Is there a way to save the camera recordings separately instead of in one file from stream? I want to be able to use the...
  20. D

    lag preview window

    Hi, after I started streaming, I noticed that the games I'm streaming can be seen in the preview window as lag, but everything is fine on the stream. And then I think that when I see in the preview window how it lags, I think that it lags on the stream and then I'm worried. Can I ask for advice...