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  1. T

    Having GREAT Issues With Recording My Games w/ OBS

    Hello, I Am Facing HUGE Problems With Recording My Games When Recording Desktop Screen Or Any Other Heavy Application(excluding games) It Works Fine, But As Soon As I Open A Game, It Works Fine While Recording But The Recorded Part Is The Worst Its Literally In 5 - 7 FPS. Obviously, I Have A...
  2. N

    Flat Dark Blue 2022-06-27

    Same as the Flat Dark theme by luckydye found here: https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/flat-dark-theme-for-obs-studio.616/ But in blue and with larger sliders (as they are difficult to work with otherwise in my experience).
  3. L

    How to solve problem with vst plugins in streamlabs OBS?

    Vst plugins won't open in streamlabs. Through normal OBS, all plugins open well. Is there any workaround to solve this problem?
  4. K

    Dropped frames recording capture-card gameplay (Zasluke 4K USB 3.0 HDMI, 1080P, 60FPS)

    Hey guys! I'm sorry if this question has been asked a thousand times already, but I could really use some help. A few months ago, I started uploading let's plays on YouTube, and at first everything was fine (aside from the general learning curve when using OBS Studio and an editing software for...
  5. B

    Dynamic Source Positioning OBS studio

    Hey folks, i'm using OBS studio together with streamer.bot for a long time now and created a large variety of OBS sources with little stickers/gifs/vids, which are triggered by chat commands (e.g. !banana). As of now, each source is located on a fixed position within one OBS scene. So...
  6. N

    Serious Serious Bug - When you have RX 6400 and RX 6700 XT with PaintStorm Studio, Livestreaming and Watch Other Streams - It lags like crazy + 30FPS.

    There's huge serious serious bug. When you have RX 6400 and RX 6700 XT with PaintStorm Studio, Livestream and watch other streams it lags like crazy and it turns to 30 FPS when it shouldn't. You can't even draw, watch streams, or livestream. I have three monitors, two 2160p and the main is...
  7. N

    OBS Freezes after Recording sometime?

    Hello. My OBS programm freezes after a Record sometime and it has to be closed via Task Manager. But ever after Record to anyone know something ?
  8. Traquil

    OBS Studio CPU usage problems?

    Hello folks, A few days ago I had load problems in OBS Studio. At that time my system was running on Windows 11 and I thought that caused problems. I freshly installed Windows 10 and reconfigured everything, then it ran normally again for about a week with an average of 25% CPU utilization. Now...
  9. O

    Encoding issues and skipping frames out of nowhere?

    A few days ago, I noticed that I was getting performance warnings in both OBS and SLOBS. It was alerting me that frames were being "skipped" and not "dropped." This started happening seemingly out of nowhere. I hadn't made any changes and I'd never had this issue before. I've tried running as...
  10. ozgurkaya61

    bir hata alıyorum neden böyle oluyor

    merhaba öncelikle google chome obs indirdim ve bir uyarı verdi microsof edgede aynısı verdi ekran görüntüsü atıcam lütfen yardımcı olun
  11. K

    Activity feed in OBS Studio shows "Unknown user"

    Hi, I have stumbled upon an issue with the activity feed in OBS Studio. For some reason all the trash ppl that goes into you channel and do a follow and directly after do an unfollow or what ever they do, now causes my activity feed in OBS Studio to be shown as "unknown user" This seams to...
  12. K

    What Quality Should I Stream Fortnite @ With 3000bitrate

    So I recently got a hotspot plan that has allowed me to start streaming. I can do about 3000 bitrate but I dont know what quality or fps I should stream. Right now my setting are Canvas - 1920x1080 Output - 1280x720 FPS - 48 Bitrate 3000 Also I use nvec encoder My pc specs are CPU - i5...
  13. P

    Streaming a TV screen to OBS Studio

    Hiya, So I've got my XBOX currently plugged into my TV, and I was wondering fi there is a way I can stream my TV screen into OBS Studio? Obviously, I can stream my Xbox directly to OBS Studio through a capture card that I have, but then I have to look at OBS Studio in order to see what my XBOX...
  14. henRYANand

    Switching selected monitor every time I start OBS

    Since the recent new OBS studio 27.0.1 update, my OBS studio switches my monitor capture to a different monitor EVERY time I launch OBS studio. My main monitor is selected as 'primary monitor' but for some reason everytime i start OBS, my display-capture switches to one of my other monitors...
  15. Pimacs

    How to completely unistall Twitch Soundtrack?

    Hi! Somewhile ago I was using Streamlabs OBS and was thinking "Hey! I should get this Twitch Soundtrack thing. We never know what could happen". But I saw a problem very quick... It didn't work very well. Nothing was going through the audio track "VOD for Soundtrack" so every VOD I had was...
  16. S

    Regarding installing media controls to my mac 10.12. 6 sierra for OBS Studio

    hi I tried installing media controls from this link https://obsproject.com/forum/resources/media-controls.1032/download for my mac. It got downloaded but it was downloaded as an installer packaged file and I tried to unpack it doesn't work, I don't know how to do that installation. Kindly guide...
  17. T

    OBS Studio crashes randomly during every stream this past month

    I have no idea why but for some reason my OBS studio, my game I'm playing, Spotify, and discord ALL crash at the same time. This has been happening for the past 2 weeks now and it's extremely frustrating because it's completely random when it happens. I could be streaming for 4 hours or 20...
  18. S

    OBS Studio I Need Streaming Help

    I have two PC's. One where I game and one I want to use to stream. I have been attempting to get decent streaming quality using a multitude of settings; however, my CPU is always topping off. On both 1080p and 720p 60fps resolutions, the CPU hits approximately 60-90% usage on OBS Studio alone...
  19. K

    OBS Studio weird crash after a while with some games? (idk even know anymore)

    Hello, I have had this problem with squad first and today it happened with pubg as well. Obs does fine with easier games but apparently with heavy games it does some weird crash. It also doesn't happen instantly in squad or pubg, it usually takes a bit of playing and then it just eats my gpu to...
  20. erniequintero

    OBS STUDIO randomly gets not responding and stops the streaming.-

    Hi, I start having random OBS Studion not responding while streaming. I gather the logs but not sure what to look for to get the right point to view and fix it. I hope someone can take a look on my logs and see if there is anything that could cause it. Also I have lionardboard not sure if there...