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  1. N

    GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5) Recording Micro Stuttering

    SO basically i have been testing and playing around with all sorts of settings, setups, you name it. I just can not get a simple 1440p 60fps recording to be smooth looking like a recording of basically any other game i tested. My PC specs: i9 9900KF, 3070ti, 32 GB DDR4 3000 RAM. SO not a potato...
  2. Sinde

    Stuttering when moving camera in game. Stuttering already seen in obs studio software

    I am trying to setup League of legends stream, but when I move the camera the stream stutters already in OBS, without stream being on. I have tried to switch all I can think in output settings, tried pretty much everything but it does this with all settings. I don't think my pc is so bad that it...
  3. G

    Audio Issues while Recording Gameplay

    Hello! I'd love to get some input on some issues I've encountered while recording. Basically, the audio comes off as distorted, like some sort of echo: it's particularly noticeable with human voices, but sometimes even the music sounds "off", either booming far more than it should or...
  4. J

    Recordings have Audio / Video Desync

    Hello, All my game recordings have Audio / Video Desync. The clips start with the delay (not audio drift) and its not a consistent desync so an offset wont work. I mostly use game capture, but when i record gameplay with game or window capture the audio is usually 6-10 frames delayed, but in one...
  5. C

    Personnalisation de vdo ninja ou d'OBS Studio

    Bonjour à tous ! Je suis nouveau sur le forum et J’espère que le fait que je m’exprime en français ne gênera personne. J’utilise vdo ninja pour participer à des émissions de radio. Est-il possible et surtout est-ce facile, en tant que simple utilisateur, d’ajouter un outil pour lever la main...
  6. D

    How to Setup Multi Instance OBS for Streaming Multiple RTSP

    This guide is for those that have multiple cameras that all need their own individual stream. The following information below will include: how to setup multiple OBS instances, how to setup multiple instances to restart with windows, how to reset/prevent a frozen RTSP feed automatically using...
  7. S

    OBS capture d"ecran

    Bonjour, Je suis sous windows 11, mon probleme avec obs studio est le suivant: 1- la capture d'ecran est visible sur l'interface de obs mais manipulation inactive s'il s'agit de faire une capture, ma souris bouge en double fleche. 2- j'ai reinstallé OBS avec une version inferieur sans...
  8. J

    Elgato disconnecting

    I'm trying to setup my Elgato and it is working fine with OBS closed but the moment I open OBS and start to stream or record the Elgato connection to my PC freezes. I can't hear audio or see any output. When I unplug and plug the USB back in it works fine for another 5-15 mins before freezing...
  9. P

    OBS Was Fine, Now I Am Getting Encoding Overload

    Hello, I used to stream perfectly fine with OBS Studio, my specs are mid-tier and should not have a problem streaming at 1080p 60 FPS. A while back I had stopped streaming and primarily just gamed, so I had my PC optimized, unfortunately now I am constantly getting an "encoding overloaded"...
  10. Jo Li KMC

    [OBS 29.1] Intermittent, Unreported FPS Drop With Some Apps (Mega Man Maker, melonDS…)

    Greetings. I am having a problem with the most recent versions of OBS Studio that I can't figure out. For some reason, my encoded randomly goes from 60 FPS to 30 FPS for a while. But the thing is, while steaming or recording, OBS Studio does not report any errors. There's no "encoder can't...
  11. MiiRiiCo

    Free Chat Designer for Twitch 3.0.1

    Chat Designer for Twitch ...lets you create a custom overlay chat for your Twitch channel. It provides the following features and many more: Multistream support Add multiple Twitch channels to the same overlay chat. (But please ask the channel owners for their permissions ) Filter out...
  12. D

    Is it possible to switch scenes and have a function?

    Hi my name is Desty and I'm working on fixing up my OBS scenes with the help of MixItUp and I've ran into a sort of bottle neck. What I'm trying to accomplish is having two fully function and separate randomizer wheels, made through StreamLabs, that can be triggered through Twitch Channel Point...
  13. A

    OBS Studio video having unstable frame rate on video playback

    I was wondering if there's a reason why the frame rate is unstable, even when OBS Studio states that it hasn't dropped frames, encountered high encoding issues, capped at 30fps as I always have it in 60fps, or any other issues that affect frame rate or performance. I did set up everything with...
  14. N

    Continuing problems with VMWARE and OBS STUDIO 29.0.2 cut screen while recording and full screen

    Hi, I keep reporting the problem with OBS STUDIO 29.0.2 despite the updates the problem with VMWARE is still not solved, if I use "VMWARE" emulating Windows 10 or 11 with full screen and activate recording on Obs studio and configure it in window capture section with the capture method (Windows...
  15. E

    Skipped frames/Frames missed in OBS

    This is what my OBS stats looks like as soon as I open up a game whilst streaming. I've tried literally everything I can find on the internet (lowering res, changing bitrates, reinstalling OBS, even resetted my entire pc, changed from NVIDIA to x264) nothing works.. anyone out there that's got a...
  16. PeeGeePee

    Game Capture Not Working As Intended

    Whenever I try to resize the game capture size by using transform, the size gets automatically resized to 90001x90001 pixels and the main screen doesn't show anything, it just shows a black screen. The borders work as intended but there is no screen shown so I cannot record anything using game...
  17. J

    Please Help - OBS Studio Crashes And Disconnects USB Devices When Using Game Capture Source

    Hi There, As per title, I can't figure out why only using the "game capture" source in a scene crashes my USB devices and lags out my system. Using the "display capture" source works just fine. This happens with multiple game applications, have run through so many of the basic troubleshooting...
  18. 0

    OBS Studio Don't Recording Roblox Studio

    when i try to record roblox studio i set everything up and then obs studio just shows black screen instead of roblox studio. help me please
  19. S

    Why can't I stream Twitch from OBS? My internet connection is fine, but it always says this:

    I made sure that my stream key is the latest one. I checked my firewall and it was OFF, so no firewall is blocking the connection. However, OBS is not letting me stream. What does it mean by "a valid streaming service" ??? Can someone please help ?