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  1. G

    Question / Help Bad audio quality + color grading on best settings

    When I record using any software at all, the audio sounds like it's being played into a tin can. The color grading isn't great either. My desktop background is gray, but through recordings in OBS it looks purple-ish. I have color format set to NV12, YUV color space set to 709, and YUV color...
  2. K

    Question / Help OBS causing PC Blue Screen

    Anyone else having this issue? All my drivers are up to date on my computer, figured that was the issue, but it isn't. Only doing it when I open OBS. It will be fluid and then lag to all hell and cause my PC to blue screen. It launches taking up 90% CPU usage then will go down to 0.8%. I noticed...
  3. R

    Question / Help Question about using AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra (GC553) capture card in streaming PC setup

    I've decided that in order to alleviate all the headaches I have with NDI (I wish I could get it to reliably work well), I'm just going to go the capture card route. At the moment, I'm using a Elgato HD60 Pro that I was using for console captures. I simply connect a HDMI cable from my Gaming...
  4. C

    Question / Help FPS Indicator not matching up with actual video output FPS

    I've had this problem ever since I started recording and It has never made any sense to me but the FPS Indicator (not sure what it's actual name is but I attached an image below) never matches up with the actual video and usually the video is around 30-40 fps when OBS can say it's as high as...
  5. R

    Question / Help Questions about dedicated streaming PC

    For awhile I've been able to get by with streaming on my gaming PC. However, I've found that a couple of the games I play regularly now present streaming issues within OBS (most notably Rocket League and Apex Legends). So I've decided that in order to alleviate any sort of CPU load issues, I'll...
  6. J

    Question / Help Issue: Green Screen When Streaming to Twitch

    Hello Everyone! Today I streamed Anthem. When I would start the stream, everything looked fine on the preview, and on Twitch. Then for some reason, the stream on Twitch became just a green screen even though my preview still looked fine and the viewers could hear me. I restarted the stream, and...
  7. M

    Question / Help Fortine dropped fps if I add an animated media source to OBS

    Hi, I recently learned how to make animated webcam overlays for me and some friends. They are great and work perfectly, but the problem is that the game droppes the frames, we get like 50 less fps. It is not a real problem to me, cause I have a rx 580 and I set the game to stay at 60fps. But my...
  8. T

    Question / Help Dual gpu setup

    So I have been running obs and gaming on a water cooled 1070, and it has been running fine, but as new games like apex and subnautica below zero come out, they are putting too much stress on my gpu. (I can play them without recording just fine on the 1070 but I want to record/stream) Recently I...
  9. MotR

    Question / Help The whole PC still freezes while using AverMedia LiveGamer HD Lite with OBS Studio.

    Hi everyone! I posted a thread earlier and didn't recieve any support, so I'm trying to post again. Weird issue happens when I try streaming any games from PS4 being captured by AVERmedia LiveGamer HD Lite. Suddenly the whole PC freezes to the degree that I cannot even move mouse cursor for...
  10. C

    Question / Help Audio appearing in OBS but nothing in recording/stream (SOLVED)

    I'm sick of this issue I have scoured the internet for hours and tried everything so I'm finally succumbing and giving the issue to the community to see if anyone else has a solution. I streamed all night last night and sound was not an issue. I have game and microphone audio running from my...
  11. S

    Question / Help Stream lag (Stream state= red)

    Hi Guys. I have a problem with OBS Studio. When I stream I always have a very big frame loss. I play over my PC and stream with my laptop (Avermedia Capture Card) I have a 10k upload. Laptop: (GTX 1050, Intel Core i5 - 3,8 Ghz, 8GB RAM) Can someone help me?
  12. B

    Question / Help 250-600 ping when streaming using game capture in OBS STUDIO

    Hey all, I’m new here, as well as semi new to gaming PC’s. I currently have the LENOVO Legion Y530 (my actual PC is at home and I am currently away) and I am trying to use OBS Studio to stream on twitch. First I started using display capture and my in-game FPS was dropping to 20-30fps and the...
  13. N

    Bug Report OBS Font is too big can't read the Source Section.

    Windows 10 just updated and I just a added third monitor. Now the Fonts are too big in OBS Studio "Sources Section", I can't read it when it's not maximize. How do I fix the problem? It looks like this. I think the bug happen when I added a third monitor. I have a 4K monitor, a 1080P...
  14. H

    Question / Help OBS Studio not recording all sounds

    Hello guys! My OBS Studio is not recording all of the sounds. For example it records shooting and other loud noises, but not walking or any other lower voices. Here's a example video for what i mean: https://youtu.be/sHP7YZ9ddJY please help me :(
  15. F

    Question / Help Lag with audio

    Hey, Just since Yesterday, when i'm starting to stream, i have lot of lag just when i'm talking or when there are some music on my stream. If there is no sound already is ok. Is so weird, i don't understand why. I have some lags in game too. Please help
  16. B

    Question / Help OBS Studio crashes when opening

    I recently installed OBS Studio and it was working fine. But now, whenever I launch OBS Studio, it opens with a message that "OBS has crashed!" I tried to uninstall & reinstall OBS, but I get the same results.
  17. P

    Question / Help Obs Studio drop fps while recording/streaming [SOLVED]

    So heres the thing, i try everthing here, lowering the bitrate, use x264, nvenc, close the preview and nothing works, plus when i use nvidia share to record or stream its lag free (i wanna use obs for the audio options), and i really dont know what to do anymore, anyone know how to fix this fps...
  18. Z

    Question / Help OBS Voicemeeter Banana Issue

    Hello there, new to the forums. I came on here hoping to fix a problem that has been occurring with OBS and Voicemeeter Banana. So after installing the Virtual Audio Cable and Voicemeeter Banana, I set everything up on OBS to separate my discord audio in its own track for local recording when I...
  19. K

    Question / Help Best settings for I7-8700K for mostly FPS games

    Hello, I recently got my new processor the I7-8700K. I came from an I5-7600k so it is a big improvement. But i wanted some advice on what might be the best settings for this new CPU. I mainly stream FPS games and i tried 900P 60FPS, which didn't really work with Battlefield 5 because i started...
  20. Afgan Rasulov

    Question / Help OBS Studio Audio Drop Fix

    Hello streamers, I had a problem with Audio Drop on OBS studio. Download attached file to see audio drop example. Because it is more sensetive than OBS Classic sometimes Audio drops happening during record. I have found the solution. This happens because of CPU overload. Here is the solution...