Having GREAT Issues With Recording My Games w/ OBS

I Am Facing HUGE Problems With Recording My Games
When Recording Desktop Screen Or Any Other Heavy
Application(excluding games) It Works Fine, But As Soon As I
Open A Game, It Works Fine While Recording But The Recorded
Part Is The Worst Its Literally In 5 - 7 FPS.

Obviously, I Have A Low-End PC
RAM - 8192MB (only 5gb is left cuz of Windows 11)
CPU - i5 - 1135G7 (2.40GHz)
GPU - Intel iRIS Xe Graphics (4096MB, Integrated)

Display Output (of recording) : 1920x1080 (60Hz)
Display Output (of game) : 1366x768 (60Hz)


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Please restart OBS and perform a test stream/recording for more than 30 seconds doing as you normally do, including playing games, full camera or whatever you normally do.
Now look inside Help menu. Upload the current log file and paste the url to the log in here. Click on the Analize button to start troubleshooting common issues.