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  1. A

    Logitech C920 Aspect Ratio Stuck to 4:3 (Want 16:9)

    I cannot get the cam to appear in a 16:9 resolution/aspect ratio in OBS Studio 25.0.8. Here are my settings within properties: With these settings, the cam still appears as 4:3 within the preview window. My base resolution is 1920x1080 and there are large black bars on either side of the webcam...
  2. S

    Question / Help Audio pops/glitches while recording

    So, I've been recording some Geometry Dash lately, and I've noticed that the audio pops and glitches at an extreme scale. It's extremely unbearable and I want it to stop. I've messed around with settings, looking at other forums, running OBS as admin, etc. It also appears as if the bass in the...
  3. oberleg

    Bug Report OBS Studio crash problem

    I start OBS Studio and it crashes, but always only on the first one or two starts, then it works normally. Here latest log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/aaGbAYufg9FN724c
  4. L

    Bug Report OBS Studio crash when turning on NDI Output

    Hi, OBS Studio has been unstable lately, but it's getting worse when I turn on NDI Output. Everything seems to work fine for a while, then OBS Studio freezes or crashes completely. I don't even know if NDI is the issue, but it seems to occur more often when I turn it on. I looked at the log...
  5. Jaypoc

    Question / Help Can hotkeys be assigned to Scene Transitions drop-down options?

    Is there a way to assign hotkeys to the transition selection? I'm programming my Stream Deck which can call any keyboard hotkeys, or select and transition to a particular scene in OBS Studio. The workflow I'm looking to achieve is to assign buttons/hotkeys on the Stream Deck to CUT, FADE...
  6. D

    Orange OBS v1.0

    It uses the Dark theme included with OBS as a base. Installation 1. Unzip the file. 2. Copy the contents to your OBS installation ...\obs-studio\data\obs-studio\themes 3. Launch OBS and select the theme in Settings > General > Theme 4. Apply!
  7. R

    Question / Help OBS Studio Spiele Aufnahme - Schwarzer Bildschirm

    Hallo Com. Wenn ich in OBS Studio die Spiel-Aufnahme aktiviere, habe ich nur einen schwarzen Bildschirm. Egal ob automatisch oder wenn ich ein Fenster manuell erfasse. Das Problem ist bei jedem Spiel das gleiche. Wenn ich die Bildschirm-Aufnahme nutze funktioniert alles ohne Probleme. Hat hier...
  8. K

    Bug Report Minecraft and browser window capture make cursor invisible in minecraft

    Hello, A while ago i made a post where i asked why my cursor was invisible when obs was active. Today i found out when it goes invisible. I have a browser window capture that shows when i have soundcloud open, but whenever i turn on that window capture the cursor goes invisible in minecraft and...
  9. M

    Question / Help How to use url-text.py

    Apparently OBS Studio has a Python script that allows for text sources to be updated from a URL. When I went scripts under the tools tab, it listed no properties available for the url-text.py script. Does the URL text script actually work? And if so, how do I enable it...
  10. A

    Question / Help Need help with Windows -> Rekordbox -> VoiceMeeter -> OBS Studio -> Live Streaming (Part 2)

    This thread is the continuation of Part 1 (only 10 images allowed per thread...). Beyond this point, all images are about OBS Studio. As i said earlier, i didn't get this OBS part of the puzzle to work, yet. It seems possible, but something's missing, dunno why. Image 11: The Audio settings in...
  11. SpectreKid

    Bug Report Game Capture Hook Problem

    A problem with the hook in OBS. Works for some games, but not for others. Please look into this. Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/92Rbd7KRsSNs7wyY I've made another help thread, but to no avail. Problems continued even after uninstalling Rivatuner. The last stable version I tested was 18.0.1...
  12. N

    Question / Help Meine Webcam in OBS geht nur in einer Szene

    Schönen guten tag, Ich habe das Problem das ich meine Webcam nur in einer Szene verwenden kann sobald ich von der "Game Szene" in die "Talk Szene wechsel ist meine Webcam schwarz und gibt kein bild ab wechsel ich wieder zurück habe ich ein Bild. bitte um Hilfe LG.
  13. S

    Bug Report OBS Studio not using my Full Upload Speed!

    I was using the same settings of my stream for a Year and had no problems that i could't fix. My Internet speed is 30/6 Mbs After last weekend my OBS won't stream above 3000 kb/s and often drops to 0 kb/s (I am streaming on twtich with 4500/5000 kb/s with no problem until now) I tried Multiple...

    Question / Help Sound interference when I open OBS Studio

    Hello, I have my audio connected to my mixer Behringer XENYX Q802USB with SUPERLUX HO 8 microphone. One CINCH cable goes from my monitor output into adapter to "LINE 3/4" on my mixer and one cable goes from output port on my computer MB into adapter to "LINE 5/6" on mixer. From "PHONES" output...
  15. BFC_17

    Question / Help Best OBS settings for my Specs?? PLEASE HELP

    Hi guys, recently I've built a new pc and my IN-GAME performances are very high and my Pc supports game like r6 Siege, dauntless, pay day2 and other with ULTRA settings and keeps my FPS between 80 and 180. But when i start a stream the stream lags while i don't have problems while playing, so i...
  16. C

    Question / Help Video Feeds are Grainy in OBS studio

    Hello, I'm new to using OBS and I'm getting grain on both gameplay and Camera. the noise/grain appears on the OBS live view, recording and on stream. the video passthrough monitor looks great I've tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling, playing with the rec central settings, camera...
  17. Aar

    Question / Help Audio Latency on OBS Studio with Elgato HD60 S?

    Hey, I recently got myself a Carby to use with my GameCube. It's been a fantastic device, but it seems like my HD60 S doesn't want to play nice with it. In OBS Studio, I have to use the DirectShow video capture because the regular Game Capture HD source crashes the program. After five or so...
  18. Z

    Question / Help OBS -> Capturing Window from Zoom.us

    Hello, I'm having a problem with capturing a window from the zoom.us meeting. Whenever I'm trying to capture the window there is this white screen - in the area where should be camera (It even captures the mouse from the zoom.us window - but just not capturing certain area of this screen)...
  19. B

    Question / Help black screen win10

    I've tried everything. I can't capture the window and the desktop. Games working. https://obsproject.com/logs/bOFO5X29-agFQoMU
  20. K

    Question / Help OBS black screen FIXED 2019