OBS Studio weird crash after a while with some games? (idk even know anymore)


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I have had this problem with squad first and today it happened with pubg as well. Obs does fine with easier games but apparently with heavy games it does some weird crash. It also doesn't happen instantly in squad or pubg, it usually takes a bit of playing and then it just eats my gpu to like 60%. OBS then does 0 kpbs but doesn't actually do the turn off crash, it just stays like that while using like 60%+ gpu and my game obviously starts lagging. The stop streaming button actually doesn't work and when i click the X it asks if i wanna stop streaming, i click yes, then it goes into the "OBS has stopped working" screen. it only closes that way then. If i don't force close it, it stays open using very high gpu.

I got a 8700k 3.8 ghz
1060 6gb
16gb 3600 DDR4
At this point i have no idea what it could be anymore. Is it not enough ram? Or is my gpu not good enough anymore?
I use x264 since my cpu never really goes high in games.
It doesn't make crash logs either.

Please someone help me figure this out because it is getting very annoying that i cannot play the games that i want.
If you need more information, let me know.