Switching selected monitor every time I start OBS


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Since the recent new OBS studio 27.0.1 update, my OBS studio switches my monitor capture to a different monitor EVERY time I launch OBS studio.

My main monitor is selected as 'primary monitor' but for some reason everytime i start OBS, my display-capture switches to one of my other monitors.
The screenshot you see here is just after I launched my OBS. As you can see, it has my 3th display selected and not my main...

I have no idea on how to fix this... So any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!



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Same, monitors were fine on OBS earlier today. nothing new on my computer, haven't restarted. Maybe ran some streaming movies and a game or two. - Relaunched my OBS later today... monitors magically switch on my sources... which is annoying because all of my commands respond to these Sources.

OBS -> Scene: 2nd Monitor -> Source: Display Capture, Display 2: 1920x1080
Windows -> Display -> Identify Monitors 1, 2.
Well 1 is1 and 2 is 2, OBS says "Display 2" -> Yet is previewing/showing Display 1.... WHAT!?

I can switch to "Display 1" and it let it show "Display 2", and it'd be fine... but then i'd have to redo all of my commands. but that's not the point.
Q: why would it change? what if it switches again? and how do I correct/switch it back?
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Fiddling with it all last night, closed and restarted OBS. No luck.

Put my comp to bed, went to bed, woke up...
Annnddd it's back to normal LUL lolol... I mean... I'm not complaining.


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I'm still having this issue as of today (11/30/2021). I have an Asus TUF Gaming GTX 1660 OC using V472.12 driver for now due to issues with Doom Eternal on the latest driver.

After each reboot, OBS decides my primary monitor is different. However, Windows Display Setting and nVidia Control Panel have my monitors set up in this order:

3 1* 2

1 is identified as the primary monitor in both Windows display setting and nVidia Control Panel.

However, with OBS, it switches between 3 or 2 being identified as the primary during each reboot. So when I reset it, it's works. Upon reboot, it changes to the other. Never does it identify monitor 1 as the primary. It keeps switching between 2 and 3. It never seems to identify monitor 1 as the primary. It's always 2 or 3 regardless of the settings in Windows and nVidia Control Panel.

When I boot up the machine, I turn on monitor 1, then 2 then 3. Or at least, I think I do. Maybe I should turn on the monitors first, then boot up the machine?

NOTE: Each monitor connection is different because my GPU card has 3 different ports (DVI, Display Port and HDMI):

Monitor 1: Display Port
Monitor 2: HDMI
Monitor 3: DVI to HDMI adapter (DVI on GPU end, HDMI adapter on monitor end)

Could the order I turn on the monitors be causing the issue if I turn them on while the machine is booting?



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We are starting to see this problem with the PC running OBS that we use for streaming the Sunday service. Last Sunday OBS had swapped the displays and wanted to broadcast the wrong monitor. Does anyone have a handle on how to deal with this?


Last week when I was making some changes to our church's OBS Windows 10 computer, I needed to reboot to check some "auto start on logon" settings I was changing. Windows forced an update on restart, and when Windows finished booting up, our monitors and projector were all set differently. The main desktop screen came up on our confidence monitor which isn't visible from where the computer is so the logon screen didn't show up on the computer monitor (we have the desktop background color set to black so the confidence monitor and projector don't show anything when the computer is first turned on). I thought the computer hadn't booted properly so did a hard reset several times until I decided to see if anything was showing on the confidence monitor. Well, that's where the logon screen was coming up on. I logged on and took the wireless mouse down to where I could see and interact with the desktop on the confidence monitor (all the desktop icons and taskbar had moved to that screen). I then started OBS and moved it to the screen at the computer location. I captured the confidence monitor display and turned on cursor capturing so I could start up the Windows display settings and reset everything back to the way it was. Those dang Windows updates can really mess things up at times.

This may be what's happened to others here.