1. G

    Undocked docks not staying in place on startup.

    As the title states, I am unable to keep my undocked docks in place when I restart OBS. I like to have some of the docks in different monitor placements for chat purposes and also to give me the most screen usage. But, recently I found that I am having an issue where every time I restart OBS, my...
  2. C

    OBS plays music on startup that I've never brought into my system, in every scene w/o letting up!

    Hi, After using OBS many times without issue, I now cannot stream because of music playing when I start OBS and it only stops when I shut down OBS. It's the same Classical music every time. I changed scenes and it plays in every one. I unshowed every source in every scene, and it...
  3. T

    OBS crashes on startup

    Hello everyone! I just downloaded OBS and tried to start it up for the first time. Onfortunatly it keeps crashing. I've tried some reïnstalls and restarting my pc but none of that seems to have solfted the problem. Can someone please help me? Thank you!
  4. R

    Crash on first use

    I just installed OBS on my Windows 10 Intel 64 bit system. On initial program load I got an error box saying "Woops, OBS has crashed". Uninstalled, tried the 32 bit version, same thing. Tried admin privileges, same problem. Frustrating. This is the first time I have tried OBS. Log file attached...
  5. 8

    Having Audio Muted on Start-up

    I have OBS run replay buffer on start up to get gaming clips so I don't have to open OBS every time and start replay buffer. But whenever I run OBS on start up, my game audio is muted in OBS and I have to manually unmute it. I haven't found any setting to changed this so if anyone knows the...
  6. Mammifero

    choose OBS Profile at startup

    Good Morning from Italy forgive my bad English :-) i would like to know if there's a possibility to have, at the startup of OBS, a pop-up windows (or similiar) that let me choose the desired Profile. And eventually the "scene collection" associated with it have a nice day Regards Matteo
  7. henRYANand

    Switching selected monitor every time I start OBS

    Since the recent new OBS studio 27.0.1 update, my OBS studio switches my monitor capture to a different monitor EVERY time I launch OBS studio. My main monitor is selected as 'primary monitor' but for some reason everytime i start OBS, my display-capture switches to one of my other monitors...
  8. Hwany8820

    Crashing on start

    So I was using OBS for 2 years now without any problems whatsoever and for whatever reason, OBS starts to crash upon startup. I have no idea what causes the issue. Here's the log file: 22:23:45.233: CPU Name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7500 CPU @ 3.40GHz 22:23:45.233: CPU Speed: 3408MHz...
  9. R

    'Save projectors on exit' only works 2/3rds of the time

    Heya, I use OBS to loop videos on a screen. The computer is remotely started up/shut down, but once about every 3 times OBS will start up and not start up the fullscreen projector window with it. So I have to go into it and project to fullscreen again. OBS does start with Windows, and 'save...
  10. tja

    Reset Scene Collection when starting up

    Hello I've got a little problem: At our Church we startet to broadcast our Ministrys to YouTube by obs. The problem is, that every Sunday there's a different person who operates obs. And when someone at one Sunday changes a scene, the one who's there the next week is very confused. Would it be...
  11. A

    Browser Source Crashes OBS On Startup (Windows 10)

    Hi everyone. Whenever there is an active browser source in one of my scenes, OBS crashes, meaning that whenever I launch OBS while the browser source is there, the program crashes on startup. Most of the threads I've come across with this in are for Mac OSs, so I'm not sure what to do myself. I...
  12. A

    OBS Crash On Startup w/ Tuna + Spectraliser Plugins

    Hi there, Ever since adding these two plugins, OBS crashes on startup, making it totally unusable. I've included my log and crash log. I've got the latest video drivers installed, and have 22GB of RAM, so I'm struggling to understand what the problem might be. Therefore, any help is greatly...
  13. P

    Crash on startup

    Hello all and thank you for your time. I just installed OBS and StreamElements OBS today. I just got all of my scenes set up and overlays working when it froze and suddenly crashed. I tried restarting the software, same crash. I tried restarting the PC, same crash. Im kinda at a loss here. I...
  14. L

    Question / Help OBS crashing on startup on High Sierra 10.13.6

    Hey there. Obs won't launch, after double clicking the app it starts and then it suddenly crashes. Here's the crash log -> Thanks for your help!
  15. IamOMan

    Bug Report Since New update, startup invisible and can not find

    Since the latest update I can not open OBS, it does make sound from a scene's media I had it on last and it shows up in the activity monitor but not in the dock or cmd+tab or on any monitor. I have reinstalled it twice and reset the system with no changes.
  16. G

    Question / Help OBS crashes on startup

    Hi Tried to read the forum to figure it out but cant find anything. here is the crash-log. Please help
  17. M

    Bug Report "Fatal Python error" crash on startup

    This happens every time I run OBS, regardless of whether I clean install it (deleting both obs-studio folders first) or run it from Safe Mode. I'm 95% sure the crash has to do with the following error message, which prints in a terminal window when you run the "obs" executable from Contents >...
  18. P

    Question / Help Setting up OBS 64 bit for the first time, ran into this error, PLEASE HELP!

    Hello Everyone We are setting up a computer with OBS studio 64 bit on it, the computer is a dell vostro 200 with 4gb ram in it. I have downloaded directX and see no apparent issues in the DXDiag settings. I am sure this is something I am missing or possibly the computer is just "too old" for...
  19. N

    Question / Help OBS crashing when started.

    I get this crash when i open OBS, this is the crash log, please tell me the problem i really need to use OBS thanx
  20. O

    Question / Help OBS startup error

    after recorded some gameplay and turned off , i turned obs on again and got error , i tried reinstall , delete user data and tried to replace renderer in global.ini but there is no renderer in there , please help