OBS Studio Lag; Please Help


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I use OBS Studio to record on my switch, and games from my laptop. When I record on my switch with a capture card its lags a lot. I thought there was a problem with my capture card and was ready to by a new one but then I started screen recording on my laptop and its the same thing. It would slowly show footage then stop on a frame and stay there for the entire recording. Any help would be appreciated.

OBS Studio Log is attached bellow.


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You are unlikely to get much, if any response, when posting to the development forum
As you system is Windows, post to Windows support forum https://obsproject.com/forum/list/windows-support.32/

You have a really low-end CPU, and real-time video encoding is super demanding (think trying to race in Formula 1 with a Yugo)
One, I'll be very surprised if a 2c/2t Celeron will get you anywhere. And are you using a HDD, or a SSD?
If others can help you, realize you will most likely have to become proficient in configuring and managing a highly optimized setup (both OS, like Game DVR turned off, understand and properly manage OS background processes) as well as OBS to minimize hardware demands