GPU 0 and GPU 1


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Hey guys does anyone know how I can find out which GPU is which ?

I have a 2080ti 11 GB and a MSI 1650

I'm assuming the 2080ti is GPU 0
But I want to make sure so I can stream off the 1650

If not setup correctly it would be useless. Thank you


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A second dedicated encoding GPU is already worthless.
It splits the PCIe lanes from x16 to x8/x8, would force each frame to be sent across the PCIe bus, increasing utilization of an already reduced speed.

NVENC is a separate part of the GPU and does not affect in-game performance, so long as the Max Quality, Lookahead, and Psychovisual Tuning options are not in use. Those three require CUDA cores and will cause in-game impact. Without those, the minimal time slice OBS requires for housekeeping tasks is so small, it is imperceptible.

Remove the 1650. It also uses the older Pascal NVENC core which only delivers Medium-Fast x264 equivalent encoding anyway; it's the 1650 Super that has the Turing core, as your 2080 does, which delivers x264 Slow-equivalent encoding according to VMAF testing.

No, you aren't the first to think of this.
Yes, it's a good idea in theory.
In practice, it absolutely does not work, and actually causes significant problems.