1. O

    Sound input distorted thru windows11 and RCA to USB video capture

    First time in the forum and with OBS. I apologuize in advance if some of the following is too obvious. I set up OBS in a windows 11 laptop and a RCA to USB video capture adapter very generic (a $12.50 chinese device) to digitalize old VCR tapes. It captures video input fine, but sound is...
  2. AlanGeisse

    Asus Intel DG1 OEM card - Doing weird things with 1440p res?

    Hi, I am trying to make a screen recording, my screen has a 2560x1440 resolution, I did not change the scale anywhere, and if I select change scale and for example put the same resolution (2560x1440), the video is cut off on the right and bottom side. If I change the output resolution to...
  3. StefiStarlite

    OBS Process Launches in Task Manager but Inaccessible After 2060 Installation

    Good afternoon all, I'm new to the forums, so I apologize in advance if I miss any details in my troubleshooting endeavor. Short Version: After installing my newly acquired ASUS RTX 2060 GPU and installing adequate drivers, I'm unable to use OBS 27.1.3 at all. Long Version: I'd been running...
  4. gunsum

    GPU 0 and GPU 1

    Hey guys does anyone know how I can find out which GPU is which ? I have a 2080ti 11 GB and a MSI 1650 I'm assuming the 2080ti is GPU 0 But I want to make sure so I can stream off the 1650 If not setup correctly it would be useless. Thank you
  5. Noah Is Cool

    I tried to download OBS on my Windows 10 ASUS Laptop and it says it contains a virus. Please help!

    Recently, I tried downloading OBS on my Windows 10 ASUS Laptop and it has said it contained a virus and has been deleted every time. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it.
  6. cthulusaurus

    Question / Help Can't record laptop display without enabling Intel HD Graphics?

    So I have an ASUS GL553V laptop, which has an Intel I7 with integrated HD Graphics, as well as an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. These two interfere with each other to the point that my laptop will only boot if the Intel Graphics are disabled. I have the most updated drivers, but if I enable the Intel...