1. gunsum

    GPU 0 and GPU 1

    Hey guys does anyone know how I can find out which GPU is which ? I have a 2080ti 11 GB and a MSI 1650 I'm assuming the 2080ti is GPU 0 But I want to make sure so I can stream off the 1650 If not setup correctly it would be useless. Thank you
  2. L

    Question / Help Recent rendering lag(x264 - Nvidia Only)

    Since Mid-May streaming with x264 is causing rendering lag but not NVENC. Only happens to the Nvidia system with GTX1080 with 8700k but not the AMD system with R9 Fury with 4770. I was able to stream without any issue. I Know & Tried : Cap FPS Latest driver Scene related Change Encoder settings...
  3. A

    Question / Help RTSP freezing using cctv cameras

    Hello, I'm currently running a volley ball competition and I want to stream it on Youtube. To do so, I'm using CCTV cameras from which one I take the stream via "media source" in OBS. I'm using this rtsp URL "...
  4. O

    Question / Help Need Stream Settings!

    Hello guys, I'm looking for the best settings possible to stream to with, I've streamed with settings found on YouTube, and my game lagged with the settings all the way down. I need some help finding the best stream settings fitting me and my setup. Thanks! CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)...